3/5 of my life?
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Posted by: Richard
03/01/2003, 19:25:10

You would think if you made it thirty years, 3/5 of your life, you would make it all the way.

Koeeaddi, that statistic alone should be enough to stop anyone in their tracks to honestly assess their involvement. 3/5 or 60% of my life was spent in following M. At least I got this colorful T-shirt from Holi to show for it.

I'm not here to tear down M (PR) either. He appears to be doing that quite well on his own.

Your posts, and those of the other eloquent and passionate new arrivals, are really great examples of why I began posting a few years back and why I continue to read here and post on the rare occasion. It's the heartfelt and intelligent conversation that helps me continue to unravel the very complex dynamic that drew me to the SatGuru Has Come roadshow and what eventually drew me away towards the next step on my unique path.

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