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Posted by: Loaf
02/04/2003, 15:55:26


Hello Nev

I dont think it would have happened without him.. its an odd marriage...

I think its quite natural that we needed the vampire of Hardwar as a focal point, catalyst and inspiration (which he certainly was for me !)

The pity is that we were not empowered into creative, independent thought... and in that he has misused his responsibilities greatly.

It is a brave teacher who encourages his students to grow beyond him.

The analogy that springs to mind is one of a night school teacher who meets his class one night per week.

The problem is that he only has ONE lessons worth of material.

First time they meet... no problem. Good message... good lesson.

By the next week he has to go over the same ground again.

This is where the mind games start.

He 'reminds them' of lesson 1. They are appreciative of his thoroughness. He then needs to make them feel as if they didnt 'get it', that lesson one is elusive, subtle and in his grasp.

He then spends the next 25 years improvising, dancing, and creating a mystique about what they havnt' learned, merely glimpsed.

Which is fine - cos they dont see him every day... and by the time the next lesson rolls around... they are quite looking forward to his skill as a storyteller.

And so the drama unfolds... it only falls down when they have to spend more than a few hours in his company. THEN they start to see the holes in his logic, his world view... thats why the Instructor Conferences, the trainings etc have been vaguely disappointing for most people... cos despite all our good intentions, he doesnt stand up to prolonged inspection or questioning.

See what I mean ?




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