Peter Occhiogrosso interview re Spinal Tap (and Maharaji)
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Posted by: Joe
02/03/2003, 20:41:22


I found this on the net.  Funny, no?


Editor's note: Rock journalist Peter Occhiogrosso has been following Spinal Tap since the band's earliest days. In 1985, after This is Spinal Tap appeared in U.S. theaters, he assembled a collection of clippings, color photographs and unpublished interviews in a book, Inside Spinal Tap, published by the now-defunct Arbor House. It sold 3100 copies in the United States (a 1992 update published in England sold 6000 copies). It has since gone out of print but is still available you can sometimes find a copy searching Abebooks, or eBay (search for "Spinal Tap"). We spoke with Occhiogrosso by telephone from his home in Woodstock, New York....

How did the book come about?...
Tap has been a lifelong obsession, even a mystical experience. I've seen a similar experience described by Christian and Islamic mystics as they came in contact with images of divinity. They would be swept into a kind of ecstasy, where they lost sense of time and hours. Hours later they emerged transformed. I'd stare at one of their album covers long enough and, having previously cleansed myself through fasting and meditation, reach that same experience.
For a while I was a disciple of the guru Maharaj-Ji, the baby guru. He was a 13-year-old perfect master and, a lot of people don't know this, a big Spinal Tap fan. That was one of things that led to a lot of disillusionment among his disciples. That and the fact that he married his blond secretary. Maharaj-Ji used to have these huge prayer sessions (he was the first Eastern guru to ever rent out Astrodome) until he was discovered after one listening to Spinal Tap records, smoking American cigarettes and masturbating. It was the combination of those three that caused problems...

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