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Posted by: Hilltop
02/04/2003, 09:42:50

Geez Roger, and I thought I was bad! Who's Ted Farkel? A cousin of Elmer J. Fudd? And what's with this catwezzal thing? I myself would like to see a picture of rawat with a big broom sweeping up money and putting it all into his garbage bag of greed. I need to take a course in graphic design for the pictures I'd like to show. I also want a picture of rarat with all his possessions and wealth around him, all stacked up in a neat pile. Need a wide angle camera for that, maybe an "I max". What an image that would make! Or how about a picture of rarat holding a fishing pole trolling for big ones? So many ideas yet so little time. Anyhow, I like your brand of low can we go? lol But it's nothing compared to what rawat's done, it's much more distastful. To think of all the people and the countless hours wasted and the cost moneywise to be a follower of rawhat. More importantly, beyond the money lost is the love of family and friends put aside for his brand of wisdom. His is a realm that is built on his own foundation of graditude for himself....It's sad, but I'd rather laugh about it right now!... Hilltop
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