A dream for a Perfect Lover
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Posted by: Sulla
02/04/2003, 21:04:58


This makes me remember about this premie friend, who was so in love with Maharaji, that he even dreamed of M. being a woman. I'm sure he would love to see this picture. He never told me what else happened in his dream but I could imagining looking at his face. I remember feeling very uncomfortable listening to him, while he was blissing out, and thinking something might be wrong with him. He was also in love with me and I was terrified to be in love to someone like him, so I asked Maharaji to protected me from him or any other that could love him with such intensity.

 By the way, Why did I ask him for help?
 Who did I think he was?  God maybe? or The Perfect master? I think I don't remember  anymore!

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