look at the way he prays.
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Posted by: bill
02/06/2003, 07:38:53


Here he bleats out some nonsense about sept 11

Here he interceds for US to who knows what god he is referring to?

Was he looking in the mirror when he composed this?

Also, notice he speaks ON BEHALF of US.

Here again he takes the lead position injecting himself between us and .......

Does he ever admit he is just a stupid solo dick?




Heartfelt condolences to all the victims and innocent people who have been touched by this tragedy.

In this hour of need, dear God 
Grant us your grace, 
Guide us from darkness to light 
From confusion to clarity 
From pain to joy 
From hate to love. 
Give us the strength to endure. 
Give us the courage to go on. 
Bless us with your kindness.


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