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Posted by: Nottm Bunny
04/22/2003, 18:35:15

Edit making this post.  As you say you you are out of here, there seems little point in replying, though few I know can resist the temptation to check for responses.

I am sure we could have a good and meaningful exchange over lentil burgers or whatever.  I will not be venturing back to Amaroo to do this, however.  Perhaps you could wear your Quoll tee-shirt to other programmes too.  Which side of the planet do you hail from?

We all have our individual reasons for being here, as you must have for peaking in, and it is a pity you are not able to actively stay a while to explore them with us.  Your declaration of objections to what you perceive as 'our' arguements may work as a start but lacks the strength of the conviction involved in staying around to openly discuss them with the individuals here. In fact, despite the sincerity of your gesture, unfortunately, some may interpret it as one of dismissive arrogance or fear.



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