Wonderful post, Annie
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Posted by: Jim
04/22/2003, 19:12:42


Hi Annie,

I didn't realize you were a professor.  Of what?

Quoll's argument is wafer thin and best not held too close to the light.  Your reply was excellent, though.  Such a difference here, the premies throw some words at an issue and duck and hide, hoping, just hoping, that they said enough to possibly spread over the problem like a cheap coat of paint.  The exes, on the other hand, are more than happy to really delve into an issue, to consider it closely, from this angle and that.  Why not?  We're not protecting anything anymore, not looking over our shoulder within inside any longer.

I agree with Quoll that anyone dropping in here for the first time without a program would be confused by all the references to our special histories, even those about this forum alone.  But, give them a little time to focus and that essential difference between the cult apologists and its critics surfaces. 

Stick around, Quoll, and prove me wrong.

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