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Posted by: Brian S
07/22/2003, 03:11:39


Hello Powysian,

Thanks for the feedback, I agree wholeheartedly that my entire life as a premie wasn't a waste, in fact I too treasure many memories and people along the way who impacted my journey.

The way I worded it in my post makes it sound like a broad overstatement dominating my whole life as a wastefull thing. Sorry for that, I see now that it was not a fully defined statement of my experience.

Actually, My life wasn't then and isn't now a waste, what I do feel was watsed in part was a lot of energy spent on M, energy and love that I took away from my family and friends and other interests.

I have paid the price for that, and I have learned some "hard" albeit good lessons, just as you have and I am happy to have grown through them.

You sound well adjusted and clear today Powysian, congratulations on your success as a free soul

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