hmmm..i could do it...any other LA x's wanna?
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Posted by: janet
07/12/2003, 01:27:25

I live close enough to malibu that i could go down to my post office here in venice and ask the postmaster how I could do a mass mailing just targeted at the zip code of his house, which we have on anacapa view drive...
i might need some help gathering up the postage for such a bulk mailing, if you guys'll help me....
my kid's father is in graphics...he would know how to get a mass mailing laid out and printed up.. and he ex'ed in 1999 or he's on board , definitely..
i could just deliver the bulk mailing to the local post office and pay the postage and they would ship it up to the canyon and deliver the cards to every house in the zip code, same as any other bulk mailing...

heh heh..
too rich.
it would get tossed in the trash if it looked too much like the regular mailers around here, and I know what those look like.
LA-ex, are you in on this?
should we collaborate? are you in LA like me?

who else lives in the LA area who'd want to get in on this with me?
this is just too funny to pass up.
email me if this floats your boat. we could do some real street theatre with this.
heh heh.
oh, the crone is wicked.
menopause is so much fun. no more social constraints, no more fears.
[assume hunchback toothless old greyhead persona with cracked voice:]

why, hello there, you rouuuuund little maaaaannnnn..!

do you find me repulsive??????...yessss..yess, i thought you jusssssssst, where did i put those dried toads?...

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