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Posted by: Samady
07/03/2003, 20:11:03


I have a wise old friend who told me that if I meet the Illusionist on the path, to compliment him on how good his illusion is/was, and continue on my journey.  By not tangling with him, I am free to continue my life without any further influence from him.

My old friend did not say I could not leave some markers and signposts along the way for future travelers on the same road, that there is an Illusionist in these parts who you may run into and to be aware of that.

Where you said:

"To me there is nothing more irksome than the deep unflinching knowing
stares that premies give me.  They pretend to see to the core of my soul
with their own knowledge of the universe, which they have gleaned from
their many years of copping out on themselves by failing to see the scam."

Simply the remnants of a combination of peer pressure and blindness on their part.  Don't let it trouble you.  Look right back and smile with everything in you, a kind smile to let them know without words that there is a way out, for what you are looking at when you see that look that bothers you is a mask.  Your unflinching smile filled with unconditional love which will free you from that bad loop with them, is your best shot at unmasking them and allowing them to come out.  Whoever you are angy at still controls you.  Forgive them for they know not what they are doing, even though they may think they do.


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