My God, how low will he stoop?
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Posted by: Nottm Bunny
04/21/2003, 01:45:39


Throughout the lectures, references were made to products available for sale.  Maharaji sprinkled subtle reminders about a boxed kit of writings, a book called "Clarity," and CD's available for sale in the lobby.

It appears to me M is plummeting to new depths -advertising his wares during his 'satang'.  Who is he learning from, Anthony Robbins?

 I remember how I felt at Long Beach in '97 seeing the supermarket of trinkets, teeshirts, jewellery and photos etc etc.  Not only was it in my face how much of a personality cult I was in but it reminded me of the tables in the temple.  Oh, innocence lost , gone for ever were the days when I still though this movement had some integrity. That was a real drip for me as we say.

How dare he complain that Amaroo is making him bankrupt!  Who's money is he spending?  I don't remember him arriving in the west with wealth!  I know I would have a damn sight more dosh than I have now if I hadn't spent it on supporting him and galavanting to god-forsaken halls or fields all over the planet!  And how many people do I know who gave their inheritances, not to mention their lives?

He really takes the biscuit.

Angry Bunny

P.S. Fluster - thanks for your great posts.


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