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Posted by: koeeaddi
04/21/2003, 01:57:38


A dear friend of mine took his life after being booted from a program in Chicago. I do not know the details, as I did not have the chance to speak with him on his return. I believe he tried to ask M a question. No doubt he was in a very agitated state, but I know he loved M, and felt he could turn to him for help.

I myself nearly got booted  after being assigned a non-existant seat in Miami. I was wandering around on the floor in a $1200 suit looking for an open seat. I was told I was being disruptive to the no doubt very fragile "vibe" looking for a seat. I was directed to the back row on the side. The stage was totally unviewable. I realized where my meek protestations were going; there where plenty of good, open seats. So I shut-up.

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