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Posted by: Brian S
04/21/2003, 04:32:52


I much appreciate your musings Fluster, the way you paint pictures with words and descriptions puts me right there in the scene with you. But how do "they" know who you are from your anonymous moniker?

Even though you have suggested the possible knowledge card, with your level headed approach and pragmatic take on things I really don't ever see you taking knowledge or PR seriously.  To me it seems as if you have already exited. 

Like Annie the former instructor says below,  you can't get anything from him, daya or anybody else that you don't already have.

Besides that, you have a lot more going for you than most who have preceded you into knowledge and the cult. You have a clear and informed factual based experience and the good sense to discern the difference between truth and spiritual hype.

Keep on writing, you are a breath of fresh air

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