An ELK Expression -- "inspired by Prem. Rawat"
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Posted by: Cynthia
07/15/2003, 21:19:32

Italics are my emphasis:

We are all floating in our little bubble kayaks along this river of time.

We all once came into this life, as if from a droplet of melting water or gentle dewdrop falling, out of a skyfilled with moist ocean air blown across this living land. And as sure as we came, we will once again mingle at the delta of the river of time, with the ocean of possibilities.

Many of us hold on to old memories and lose touch with the reality that time is passing, the new is always happening and change is ever present.

The view along the river is always changing. Clinging to the memories of places we have passed and times we've had, is only a surreal dream or nightmare. Only within, inside this bubble exists a place where life remains the same, somewhere deep inside our hearts, there where we are safe and sound.

We are voyagers, nomads of the river. The best we can do is to enjoy the voyage and learn from our errors, and be ever present and aware of our new surroundings, our new adventures. Never clinging to the old, worn pains or pleasures, but letting the river of time wash them by, revealing all the fresh, new possibilities of this today. And so, by always being open to this renewing of ourselves within, we enhance our profound understanding of the springtime of every new morning.

The judgements of the mind, are like the frozen arctic air blowing down from the north clashing with the warm, tropical, loving southern breezes of the heart and soul. And like the clash of good and evil the yearning heart cannot stand this imbalance and a cloud burst begins with a crack and rumble of thunder and lightning, releasing the pent up droplets of rain, as these warm tears let us know we are forever loved and forgiven.

And so, let the river of time wash away your cares like the raindrops on a stormy day, when the sun breaks through and the clouds part to enlighten. And the river sparkles once again.

Ruth Baltrum
Vancouver, Canada

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