Guru Maharaj Ji is Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.

... have to take the shelter of Guru Maharaj Ji. Guru Maharaj Ji knows all. Guru Maharaj Ji is Brahma (Creator). Guru Maharaj Ji is Vishnu (Operator). Guru Maharaj Ji is Shiva (Destroyer of illusion and ego). And above all, Guru Maharaj Ji is the Supremest Lord in person before us.

Guru Maharaj Ji is the knower of all the Vedas. Knowing everything, He knows nothing. Guru Maharaj Ji, knowing everything, does not know anything. Why? If He knew all the Vedas, then there would be a limit to Him, He would also be limited. Then His thought would not go beyond the Vedas, because the Vedas themselves are limited. Are the Vedas always moving on? Do you think that there is no end to the Vedas! Yes, there is an end to the Vedas.

So the Supremest Lord, Shri Guru Maharaj Ji, knowing everything, remains detached from everything just like the lotus flower. The lotus is blossoming in water, but remaining in water, is away from the water. If the lotus flower goes underwater, then the ability of water to take all the good and bad will also come into the lotus. But the lotus, remaining in water, does not take the qualities of water. Remaining in water, the lotus does not accept the qualities of water.




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