Whenever the Lord comes, He is hungry of love. He wants nothing. He has created ,money. He has created gold, He has created silver, He Has created diamonds, He has created the whole universe. Whatever He wants is no surprise to the Lord. It is not a surprise to Him because He has created it. But the only thing that can be a surprise for him is your love, that is sincere, that is from your heart, which comes right from the depths of your heart, which shows light, affection, devotion, and real love which is perfect -- perfect and lasting love.

So that love God requires. Nothing else. God created love, no doubt, but He distributed it. And no love is left. And God is only hungry of one thing now. He wants to collect love, love, love and love. That's the only things he wants. But those people are only able to give love who are determined to shed their forehead on His Lotus Feet. Nobody else. People who have pride go to that imperfection from where they never return. But the guy who is determined to shed his forehead on the Lotus Feet goes to that perfection from where he never returns.




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