Maharaji compares himself to Christ and discusses true devotion

Perfect Master, and it is no less full of love. Judas was shocked when Mary Magdalen poured her precious ointment onto the feet of Christ. He told her that it could have been sold, and the money distributed to the poor. But Christ said that she had done well, that the poor were always around, but that he would not be with his disciples much longer. In a similar way, people question the disciples of Guru Maharaj Ji because we give him tiny presents, cars, aeroplanes, flowers. Yet somehow the message manages to get across to those who need to hear it. The Perfect Master gives his disciples greater riches than the bank at Monte Carlo. He gives us poor selfish human beings the ability to love.

He opens our hearts. This is not simply a sweet sounding sentiment. It is a practical fact. The Perfect Master's disciples remain faithful to him because they have hearts and souls that are alive, and that once were dead.

The Perfect Master teases his lovers. He plays hide and seek with us, he hides his love from us until we cry for it, until our defenses are down, our defenses against love. And then he showers us with love, he completely overwhelms us with love.

What other lover in this world demands nothing but purity? What other lover can be loved by all mankind without jealousy? What other lover has a glance like an arrow, that pierces only the heart? What other lover is himself the embodiment of God, of perfect and pure love?

He built all mountains. Humility was his own invention, and he liked it so much that he practised it above all other arts. He is glorious like all the suns in the universe, and he is minutely compassionate to all who turn to him.

Oh my sisters and brothers, there is nothing else to do, but love Him, serve Him, praise Him, adore Him, adore Him. I bow my head and heart again and again before the purity and mercy of His Lotus Feet.



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