"A time is coming soon when this world is going to see a great, strange thing happening. A really far out thing is going to be happening. The time is approaching; it's very near. And soon, maybe this world will be able to realize: who is God. Not only believe in Him, but know God exists."

- Guru Maharaj Ji
Montrose, Colorado, July 26, 1972


The festival exploded on Tuesday afternoon. July 25th. when Guru Maharaj Ji arrived at the site.

Every evening, people wound their way to the huge area in front of the stage. After singing devotional songs and listening to the message of mahatmas, the followers were graced with the satsang of Guru Maharaj Ji. As the sun was setting, the clouds seemed to catch fire, and just as the brilliant colors began to fade, an opalescent moon made the valley shimmer. Guru Maharaj Ji touched the hearts of those present with his simple words about man, and his Lord, and how the two can get together. He said he had a way, a simple method of Knowledge and devotion to bring about the absolute fulfilment of human life. Being a devotee of the Perfect Lord is the most special thing in the whole world.

On a small rise overlooking the valley was a gazebo built by devotees. On Wednesday and Thursday afternoons, Guru Maharaj Ji came to sit. Forming a line over a mile long, devotees filed by to dedicate themselves to Him.

Guru Puja was the first festival in a movement that will grow and grow as the message of Shri Sant Ji Maharaj is broadcast to the people of the world. Guru Maharaj Ji offers life lived in fullness and vitality to a people tired of dullness. Before His sparkling eye, darkness flies way. Words are barren to describe his radiance. Only the One Word which is Himself, within the breast of every man, can give to each of us a whisper of the glory that is Balyogeshwar Paramhans Satgurudev Shri Sant Ji Maharaj

Reprinted from Guru Puja Magazine, Autumn, 1972.

June, July 1978 11




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