Guru Maharaj Ji's Satsang in Denver, July 8, 1975

So though it sounds selfish, it's not selfish. Really, what I want everyone to do is to understand what this Knowledge is. And you know, getting into something other than Knowledge is just something that the mind puts up. To me, I can never even imagine any premie doing that, because this is not the reason why we are here in this lifetime. All those things are there, and there is always somebody who is going to get into it and take care of it. But we are the ones who are going to take care of ourselves and that is with the Knowledge, which is going to do it. The Grace is what is going to manifest, and that's what we should understand and realize.

Everything in this world is going; nothing's stable. But one thing is. And if we find that one stable thing, if it is in our life, and we leave it, we have no right to call anybody else "stupid" or "dumb". It's like, if I am a lame person and I am walking along and find a stick, and I throw it away, I don't have to go around saying how dumb anybody else is. I, myself, am very, very stupid, because I found the support that I was looking for, I got it, and I just chucked it out the window.

So realize the Knowledge and the Grace. Because Knowledge has always been there; what we want to realize, our goal, has always been there, but sometimes in this world, two things are missing -- our Lord, our Master, and His Grace. It's like, the ship is always there, and the destination of the ship is always there, but sometimes the wind and the skipper aren't. When they aren't, it can't go anyplace. Grace is what blows the wind, and the skipper is what guides the ship. So now it's very lucky for us that here we are sitting in this age in the midst of the whole thing, where the worst is worst, and the best is worst. Because if we really look at the whole situation, we couldn't have asked for Him any other time. This is when we need Him, and this is when we need the Grace, and we've got them both now.




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