Guru Maharaj Ji's satsang in Dortmund. Germany on October l. 1978.

Dear premies, I guess this is the last night of this festival, of this Guru Puja, and really, what have we understood? Really, in one way, what can we understand? What is there to understand? And it's just like sometimes you just feel. "Understand?" When I use the word understand ... But, there is nothing to understand'

And if there is something to understand, there is only one thing to understand. and that is to surrender!

For how long do we go on, for how long does the story go on, of " off and on", "off and on", "off and on"? Away from Guru Maharaj Ji, back into mind. And we get caught, we get trapped in this "off and on", "off and on", and we don't know, we don't realize that this is what happens to us.

And Guru Maharaj Ji really has made everything so simple for us, that if this were any more simple ... and I can't possibly imagine how it could be. This path has been made so simple, has been made so easy, has been made so convenient for the people of this age, that it's unbelievable.

OK, you don't have to imagine this, but if you could for a second imagine this, that there you were and you had to do service for twenty years. And if you wanted to receive knowledge you had to decide when you were seven or eight years old. That was your decision point. And from when you were seven or eight years old you moved into this ashram, had your head bald, saffron clothes. Or. maybe not saffron clothes and head bald; wear this big cloak, white cloak. No movies, no candy. nothing. All you did is eat one time a day. No pleasures of life, nothing. And then you sat and sat, and you did service. And for 20 years this is all you did - service, service, service, service.

And when you were twenty-seven years old, you were brought in front of this altar, in front of this stone, and there would he Guru Maharaj Ji sitting. And He would say. "Now, would you like to dedicate your life to Me, so that you can understand what Knowledge is? Would you like to dedicate yourself to Me, so that I can reveal you Knowledge?"

And to say "Yes" or "No" wasn't verbal, but there was a hatchet sitting right next to the stone; and if you wanted to say "Yes", you just had to put your hand on this stone and take

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