Grace, Malaga, 1978

it'll still stick right with us. We can try to shake it completely loose, and it'll still stick with us. It'll stay with us. It'll follow us. Because it knows. It knows how stupid we are, and so it'll just stay with us and pull us out from this situation to that situation.

And it's so incredible, because now is the time that it's all here. It's almost like an incredible package deal. (And I shouldn't say package deal, because some of the premies that came from Leicester got a real bad package deal. They were dropped off here, they were given the address to a hotel. They got at the hotel, there was no hotel. They finally got to a hotel, but the hotel was closed for ten years, and the guy who was the travel agent took a flight out. He said he was going to take a taxi cab and meet them later.) Okay, that's a bad package deal, but this is a good package deal. Let's put it this way: Because we have the time, we have the time. And whatever it is, two minutes, three minutes, four minutes, or ten years, twenty years, thirty years, forty years, hundred years, whatever it is, we have the time and we have it now. We are here. And that's one Grace. That's one Grace.

Because sometimes people commit suicide. And it's really funny: This one guy shot himself in the head, right here, and the bullet went right out, and he didn't die. And it was like, he shot himself in the head and he didn't die. And maybe that was like a little bit too much Grace that he didn't kick the bucket. He shot himself in the head. But we are here now. And we really don't know what might happen out there. But we have the time to flow in that river of Grace now.

That's the thing. We say, "Okay. Let me blow it. I'm in Malaga and this is really beautiful. And I've got the money, and I'll make it to Miami, so no problem. Let me blow this time here. And so what if I miss the first day of satsang. I'll catch it in U.S.A.

No! It's not like that. It's just like every moment, every second is ticking away. And it should make you more conscious of what really there is, that most incredible thing there is: that we are here now.

Look what it takes to put us here in this world. Look at this body. It's incredible. A heart, lungs, eyes, ears, nose pumping gallons and gallons and gallons and gallons and gallons of blood right through this whole body. Just pong, pong, pong, pong, pong, day and night. And just to be here, to have that experience without the whole world collapsing at you. Because that's a possibility. But the world seems to be still intact, and we seem to be still intact.

And then, not only by having that Grace ... not ending right there. The package deal still goes on. giving us the other Grace to be able to be a premie, to be able to be somebody who knows what the destiny of this life is.

That's the greatest thing. That is the most incredible thing to know. But the package deal still continues on. It doesn't only talk about a beautiful site, but it takes you there. And it's all in one package deal. And it just not only gives you the Grace of you having Knowledge, but for you to be able to practice Knowledge, for you to be able to do satsang, service, and meditation.

And that package deal still keeps on going, having more satsang. and just having that Grace to be able to come together. I mean, I don't know. There are people here that got here somehow. I don't know if they themselves know how finally they ended up here, because I don't know how premies finally made it here. Because it was like such a trip.

"This is the Easter weekend, and how are people ever going to get here'?'" And having so much Grace, so much Grace, from both ends.

"Your effort has to be:
Sit back and relax and watch what happens."

It's just, Grace, Grace. Grace, Grace, Grace, Grace, Just Grace - a lot of Grace.

And still another Grace, to be able to put that whole thing into a package deal and to be able to present it to us, make that available to us. for the cost of our own effort, for the cost of "come and get it." For the cost of surrender. For the cost of that Love. I mean, if you can't beat it, you can't beat it. Either way you slice it, you still can't beat it.

So, it then becomes completely up to us. To see it in that way, to see Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace in that way, to see that Grace really unfold itself. Or we can accept it as a completely disillusioned person who doesn't know where his head is and where his tail is, who doesn't know if he's walking straight or if he's walking crooked, who doesn't know if the sky is above or earth is below, who doesn't know anything - completely disillusioned - and just say, "It doesn't matter!" I mean, to a lot of people, that's the way they think about it: "It doesn't matter."

It matters! If it wouldn't have mattered, that Creator would have created us, period! Because the same Creator that created us also makes this moth that lives for thirty minutes of our time. And as soon as this moth is born its sole purpose is to be able to mate so that another moth can come out. And as soon as that other moth comes out, that's about the thirty-minute period that this moth has and they die. And it's just like constant. That Creator could have created us the same way: Decrease the time limit a little bit, make the thirty seconds into thirty minutes. I mean, why not? He makes that moth, and that moth is very sophisticated in its own way, in its own fashion, its own design; has an incredible sense of smell. Because as soon as it comes out, it smells.

Or He could have made us like some of these turtles that live for years and years and years and years and years and years and years. And yet He's not made us like turtles, and He's not made us like those moths. And He's not made us like caterpillars, and He's not made us like dogs, and He's not made us like cats.

He has made us as human beings. And He has put us into this world, not in some rat hole, not in some other place, but into this world, and given us the option to look at it any way! So, I mean, look at it! Somebody cares up there. It's like that, you know?

He's given us the beautiful blue skies.

I mean, of course, it can start raining, but then it's beautiful clouds, then rain, and that incredible process. Somebody who thinks he's a genius who's got it narrowed down: "It's the sun, shines on water. evaporates, goes up, and becomes clouds, hits the land and rain falls." It's like, yes, you are a genius because you figured it out. What about that genius who not only figured it out, but put it into action and brought rain forth? Created this land? And you just see these people experimenting on plants or on this or that and they just think that they're just like

April/ May 1978 11



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