The Importance of Grace

And it's just like, what's our true nature? So I mean, of course it's on a very basic level, the whole example. But it's quite obvious that only by Knowledge - and then, not even that - only by Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace, can we really understand who we really are, can we really have our true identity, can we really experience ourself, can we go beyond the barriers of good and bad, can we go beyond the barriers of right and wrong, can we go beyond the barrier of all time, and cross all the finite and merge with what's infinite. And that's only possible by Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace.

It's just like our love for our Guru Maharaj Ji can never, can never, cease to exist. If there is a definition . . . Okay, this is a little harsh way to put it. But I'll put it: If there is a definition to sin - if there is one - then it definitely applies to the place of ever leaving that Love, of ever forgetting that Love, of Guru Maharaj Ji.



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