Constant Meditation and Satsang

Satsang given by Guru Maharaji in Lima, Peru

The practice of this Knowledge, the practice of this meditation, is not limited to a few hours. It is something which has to be constantly going on, constantly going on, constantly going on. And how constantly can a person give satsang? It's like we are travelling in an airplane and we are sitting all by ourselves. Well, at this point I don't think there is an airline that gives satsang while they are flying. Yet, even at that point, we should be doing meditation. But how can we?

So that inspiration has to be within inside of us. It has to be self-contained, so that even if we are in that airplane where they are not giving satsang, it becomes satsang to us. We give ourselves satsang - instead of letting mind give us "liesang." If you understand the meaning of "satsang," "sat" means truth and "sang" means company. All our lives, mind has been giving us liesang, mind has been giving us the company of lie, the company of untruth, the company of what's false, what's fake in this world. But we need to be in the company of truth, we need to be one with that Knowledge, one with that truth, because that is our source. That is the main reason why we even receive Knowledge, so that we can be one, so that we can be totally connected with the source that we originated from.

Anybody who comes into this world, not only human beings, but even small animals, can get so lost. They can get so involved and so carried away. So there needs to be a constant reminding.



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