Prem Rawat (Maharaji) at the Holi Festival, Miami, Florida, on Sunday, April 1978, printed in Divine Times April/May 1978 Volume 7, Number 3 

...this stage is completely wrong. And that is when you look through the perspective of your mind. When you look through the freaky binocular of mind, this is the scene that you see.

Because who in the world can imagine 10,000 people coming and getting blissed out by two kids who are not making very much sense over this elaborate PA system? When that was happening, if somebody were to walk in here, they would go, "What's going on here?" I mean it's like the first day. "What's going on?" Like the satsang I was giving first day. And it would he just like that to them. And you just see that nobody understands. Nobody sees, nobody sees that understanding.

And by Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace - because it is an incredible experience. It is an incredible river. And by Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace. Guru Maharaj Ji has given us the right binoculars. Guru Maharaj Ji has given us the right perspective, because he has given us Knowledge. He has given us the key through which we can open those doors. Where we really want to be. And yet, again, still it's our choice. If we want to, we can. If we don't want to, we don't have to. But Guru Maharaj Ji has given us this option.

And so what remains in our lives? What remains in this whole, entire world to do? And like I was saying, where does Mr. Mind take you and put you every time? Where does that mind place you? It places you every time at a place that has nothing to do with outrageous, has nothing to do with beautiful, has nothing to do with incredible, has nothing to do with anything except darkness, darkness, darkness, darkness, darkness, darkness, darkness. And this is where your mind puts you.

And yet 24 hours a day we stay slaves of this mind, follow this mind. And I guess it's just a habit that we form. As soon as we can comprehend things, this mind starts to get looser and looser and looser and looser. And the more concepts that can be created, the more concepts that can be put in front, the more of a web this mind can weave, and give us the better chances of getting tangled up in that web.

Because I've seen just the way the mind works. And I've seen it in a lot of people They're there and everything is working okay for them. Everything is working just fine for them. And then all of a sudden the mind comes in and just says, "Do you understand what's going on? Because if you don't, you should try harder.

"Do you really, do you really feel Guru Maharaj Ji in your life? Because anything that you feel is not sufficient enough. You have to feel him more. Do you feel meditation in your life? Any amount of meditation you do is not enough."

And it takes you through all this cobwebbing, all this weaving. And it just says, "No, this is not good enough and this is not good enough." It's based on what the satsang is. because that's the way the satsang is given that we can never do enough meditation, we can never do enough service, we can never do enough satsang, we can never have enough satsang.

And it just picks up those points and says, "But you know, you really need to have that experience of meditation. You really need to have an experience of that service. You really need to have an experience of Guru Maharaj Ji.

"Why don't you try something a little bit different this time?" And you don't even have to reply yes or no. You know a much more sophisticated communication between yourself and your mind. You don't have to reply anything whatsoever and you sort of just fall for it.

And it's just the same thing again. As soon as it's taken the slightest bit of you, it'll start sewing you into a thread and that's it! It'll just take you away, completely take you away, completely take you with it. And just wander you from one thing to the other thing to the other thing to the other thing to the other thing to the other thing. All of a sudden everything else in your life takes a precedence, everything else becomes much more important, everything else takes the first step, except satsang, service, and meditation.

We have to really realise one thing. Okay, there is one situation and I can understand this situation. And I know this kind of situation occurs with a lot of premies. Just with all these satsangs going on, and they're ending up not showing up at work. Or they want to go to the satsang or something perks up and they don't show up for the work. Their bosses get very, very mad. And that's understandable, I guess, because they don't have Knowledge and they don't see what you're going with. If they just knew that you were going to get blissed out in the true sense of the word "blissed out," if they were to see that the reason why you

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