One Way To God

Through The Divine Knowledge of Guru Maharaj Ji

where they are standing and how much they love Him. On one side people criticise the Lord, and on the other side some people praise Him. Now is the time to realise stability of mind. A true devotee never gets confused, because he knows the Truth, he knows this from the experience of the Knowledge which he has received from his Master, so whatever happens, happens according to His Will. He wants to test His devotees so that He may know who is a stable-minded person, who is firm on this right path, who loves Him for the sake of love. So whatever happens, happens according to His Will.

Many premies, both from America and England, have sent letters to Guru Maharaj Ji requesting Him to come soon, but as He had returned to India after being away for ten months. And as there are millions of devotees who never before have missed the Guru Puja and other festivals, but now because Guru Maharaj Ji is travelling from country to country they couldn't have Darshan for ten months, so now their love is keeping Guru Maharaj Ji in India. Many educated people, politicians and ambassadors from other countries are going to see Guru Maharaj Ji, they go to Punjabi Bagh and get appointments to talk to Guru Maharaj Ji, so He couldn't come here so soon, but He has sent Holy Mother and very soon He will come if your love is powerful enough to call Him. The call of the heart compels the Lord to come, not just writing a letter, but the call which comes from the heart inspires Him to rush to see His devotees. So develop your love, make it so strong, so powerful that the Lord will come very soon. Mata Ji will give you satsang from time to time.





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