Have That Faith

Guru Maharaj Ji / Kissimmee, Florida / November 5, 1978

So dear premies, welcome to Hans Jayanti. We've all come here together to listen to satsang, to understand the meaning of this life, to understand the purpose of this life. Because this world is really getting fragmented more and more. This world is losing its focus more and more every day. And unless that realization happens to us, unless that realization manifests within us, what is going to be our perspective? What's going to be our focus? What's going to be the purpose of our life?

Because, okay, there's so many concepts in this world. And here we are. And there must be - wow, man - there must be so many concepts in this world that it's probably hard to list them. Literally impossible. And we, every one of us, have to live with those concepts. Every one of us has to more or less face those concepts. Every one of us more or less has to deal with those concepts. And what it all boils down to is: What are our chances? What are our odds in this world of craziness? If it's not one thing, it's the other thing. And if it's not the other thing, it's something else.

But without Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace, nothing is possible. Without Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace, it is impossible to understand how we are even going to get through in this jungle. Because it is a jungle. We see that. It's a thick, dense forest. And we have to try to make it through it. Us. Individuals. No help. No assistance.

It's almost like this mind organizes this fraternity in this world. And we have to go do these things. And some things that we have to do in this world are completely ridiculous, completely eight-ball. And we go there, and it's like what we have to do is to cross this dense forest all by ourselves - a forest that we can't see through and we don't know what lives in it. And we have to do it. We have to go through this forest. And yet we don't know how we are even going to make it. How is it even going to be possible to make it?

And we pray. We pray to Guru Maharaj Ji. "Guru Maharaj Ji, please help! Help me, because I don't know what there is ahead of me. Help me, because I don't know! Help me, because I am ignorant! Help me, because I cannot see!"

The situation of this world is getting worse and worse and worse. Nothing is really getting any better. And okay, yeah, what is the point to talk about it? This whole world could go away, you know. What's the point to talk about it?

Well, we live in this world. That's the point.

We live in this world. We have to deal in this world. We face this world. And it's all going down the hill.

"I think that's every human being's purpose in this world:
to have faith in their Guru Maharaj Ji, to love their Guru Maharaj Ji,
to see their Guru Maharaj Ji, to do satsang, service, and meditation,
to realize who they are, to become one with that most incredible thing!"




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