Remove the Illusion of Life

Guru Maharaj Ji / Kissimmee, Florida / November, 1978

And in everybody's little concept it's like this graph. And there's lines going vertically and there's lines going horizontally. And there's all these lines. And there is this one line that's this world. And it's going down. It never stabilizes. It starts off way up there, but constantly keeps going down. And if you look at it that way, then of course this whole world has to have an end. This whole world has got to see a doomsday.

But are we going to be a part of it? Look, there's a lot of people and you talk to them and you give them satsang. And you say, "Listen, this world is coming to an end!" And they will say, "Well, I could care less about it. I'm only going to live two more years! This world can come to an end whenever it wants to come to an end, but I'm not going to be a part of it." But the thing is they don't know that this world is coming to an end; our world is coming to an end, every second, every moment.

Our realization is going down the drain. Our precious moments, our life, our understanding is going down. And the only person that can save us from that is Guru Maharaj Ji. And we have to come and pray in our hearts for him to save us from that ordeal. We have to come and understand that Guru Maharaj Ji has to save us and have that faith in Guru Maharaj Ji.

You look at what's happening when that Knowledge really enters our life. Such an incredible experience. There's so many premies.

I've been driving around and it's completely incredible! And we had satsang last night. And it was completely incredible. And there were all these premies and there was so much love. And all this was not happening because there was some person sitting way up there in the director's chair going, "Take Two! Quiet on the scene. Roll it. Action." And everybody became loving all of a sudden. "Oh Guru Maharaj Ji, I love you." And I said, "I love you."

Well, what was it? Was it for these 35-millimeter cameras? I could care less about them.

No! It was a much deeper experience. It was an incredibly deep experience that was bringing that. And of course, nobody in this world would ever understand that. Like, "Wow, man. That's impossible! How can that happen?" But that's what this world needs to know. It can happen. Because that Love is within inside of us.

And we have to bring that Love out. We have to make that Love real in our lives. Because without it, we are going to be completely alive but dead. Without experiencing that Love, we are going to be good for nothing!

Because, to me, the life that people live in this world isn't worth living. It's a chaos! It's incredible! People live this thing every day and they hate it every day! "Man, I can't believe it!" They come off a rush hour and they go, "Oh boy, I'm glad that's over! That was ridiculous!" The next day, they say the same thing. And they walk into that rush hour next day.

Maybe for some people in this world, there is no solution. Maybe they can be that narrow-minded that they might say, "Well, there is no solution in this world." And this is where Guru Maharaj Ji has always differed. This is where I have always differed from everybody.

I say, "No! There is a solution. There is a solution that can make us happy. Happy in the real sense of the word. Happy in the realism. The real happiness."

Because there is a lot of fake happiness. You can read a joke book and laugh. Somebody cracks a joke, you can laugh. Somebody does something funny, you can laugh. You've been walking all day long. All of a sudden you sit down on a bench. And it's like, "Ooooh! That feels great! That's incredible. That's just beautiful." But all that happiness that might seem like happiness, all that temporary satisfaction that might seem like satisfaction, is all an illusion. Because it comes and goes very fast.

And you see this whole arena here. And this

"I can take you away from the evolution of life and death. I can take you away from the revolution of pain and suffering. I can take you away from the ferris wheel of all this illusion! But only if you confide in me. Only if you have faith in me. Only if you have trust in me."




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