Maharaji Removes Hallucinations

It's not like, "Okay, it's a concept and that's all okay, and that's the end of the story." But, no! It's like so realistic that here you are, you can barely crawl, and yet you will run towards this illusion, this hallucination.

But this is what Guru Maharaj Ji does: Guru Maharaj Ji says, "Forget about this hallucination. This is not really true. What you are trying to pursue, what you are trying to fight against, you will never he able to fight against, because you're going to lose that fight." You know. Don't fight against it. It is not to be fought. It is to be accepted as it comes. And yet what you have to fight is those hallucinations. And stick to what is the reality in this life, what is the Truth in this life, in this world. And it's like, this is where we have to go, this is our point.

So then it becomes a whole question of how do you snap out of these illusions, because they constantly keep happening, you know? And then, most of the credit here goes to Mr. Mind - or Mrs. Mind. or Miss Mind, or whatever it is - goes to that. And you know, it just takes us from one place to another place, from one place to another place, you know? And we find ourselves just nothing is really manifesting in our lives. There we are! That's the end of everything, that's the beginning of everything.




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