The Right Track

Guru Maharaj Ji's Satsang at the Holi Festival near Malaga, Spain, on Friday, March 24, 1978

Dear premies. it's really beautiful to he able to come and have some more satsang. It's really been incredible after the satsang in England. I guess most of you were there. And it really is beautiful because in our heart, where the realisation really happens, in our feelings, in our real heart, where that realization really takes place, you feel something. You understand something. It's like a feeling of fulfillment, and really, there is no other feeling that a human wants in this age, except that feeling of fulfillment in his life.

Because, you just see this world and there's so many goals that people have set forth. There's so many ideals that man has set forth. And he never gets that feeling of that proper fulfillment until just that time happens where he, by Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace, receives that Knowledge: he, by Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace, receives that Grace that can then fulfill that fulfillment that he really wants; fulfill that destiny he really wants to accomplish in this life.

We just have programs from one place to the other place, and it's been halls or it's been outside, or it's been in a tent. And this is the first time it's been in a bullring like this. And I've never seen a

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bullfight. I don't want to see a bullfight. But anyway, from what you can see in cartoons and stuff, this is where the matador stands. And from one of these gates, the bull comes charging. It gets aggravated, and he's aggravated. He attacks this red thing this matador has. And this matador has to he really there to he able to prevent himself from getting hurt, otherwise this hull is really powerful, and it can hurt.

And this is the way it is in our lives, too. It's like this arena. And everybody sits all around this arena. And, of course, this is a completely different setup, because this stage wouldn't he here. It would just he the guy and a lot of ambulances. I guess. And then this fight begins. And it's just like that: the bull comes charging out. And every body watches, and everybody shouts and everybody screams and everybody goes. "Yay!" And then the whole thing happens.

And here we are in this arena, in this world, where all these concepts and all these ideas and all these things that we have to live through are like the people completely surrounding that arena. And wherever you can see, there's ideas. There's thoughts, there's concepts. And then there is this little circle, this little circle that we make out of that arena, out of that concept.

Because that matador is not going to be really into that fighting if there is nobody in this bullring. And he takes the vibe, he takes the attitude, he takes the feeling, of the people who are here sitting in those seats, and then proceeds to fight. And really the same thing happens. We take those concepts that have been given to us, those concepts that we like the best, and get our feeling, our attitude, or our life together by feeling out all those concepts, our logics, our understandings, our this and that, and we try to get our trip together in this world.

And here is this mind, charging at us. And every concept, when that happens, every logic, every idea, every ideology gets completely like. "Yay! It's starting to happen now." And here we are, and we have to protect ourselves. And yet we have to somehow defy that mind that's coming towards us. We have to somehow fool this mind, and eventually, maybe, be even successful of killing it.

But it's like a big mess. It's like a big scene that happens in our lives. Because here is the arena, and there are the people, there arc the concepts, there is the logic, and there are all those things. But the matador is so bad that he gets completely mixed up. And before he knows, he's so involved. He's so out there! He's so involved in what's out there, looking at people, going like this. Because usually, I guess, that's what the guy looks at: what kind of audience he's got. And he's so much into his audience that he forgets that there's going to be a bull coming, charging at him, at any time. And before he knows, his bravery or whatever you call it gets completely demolished, because he's just been hurt real bad.

And that's what happens. We just completely get mixed up in this world of concepts. We get completely hit by that mind. And then it's just like, everything is gone! Our whole lives just melt away, just dissipate. Into what? Into nothing. Into something that we don't even know the beginning and the end of, into something that we don't even know what it is. And we just come into this world. and we go. "Here I am!" "Someday ..." And then, all these concepts and all these goals that man makes for himself - one day everything just goes woosh! Right down the drain.

Before I came here we were just having some satsang at the residence. And I was just saying this life is like a locomotive, like an engine. And it needs to ride on two tracks. And these two tracks have to he always parallel, because if they are not parallel, the locomotive is going to derail. Itself, it doesn't have anything. It can't go anywhere unless there are tracks. And then it will go there. It will go from one place to the other place, only where the tracks are laid out. And that's the way this life is. Wherever you want to take it, it'll go.

But then, what really is the purpose? What are those two tracks that we are really supposed to he riding? And those are: to understand what the purpose of this life really is, and parallel to it, always maintain the second line, which is to fulfill that purpose of life.

And that causes the two tracks to he there. One, the purpose of this life, understand what it is. And the second, to fulfill it. And that makes the train roll, that makes the locomotive go. And then it's like a track which will lead you to that ultimate goal, to that ultimate destiny that you really want to be at.

But if ever in our lives we forget the purpose of this life, then it's like having one track and not the other one. And we are bound to get derailed. And if we know the purpose of our life but are not fulfilling it, if we know the destiny but are not fulfilling it, then again the same thing will happen, and we will derail. And, it's like, that's the way it's supposed to be. And that's the way really it is supposed to he.

And every time a Perfect Master has come in this world, that's what he has told us: that there is something far more superior, that there is something far more greater than just what we seek in this world, than just what we seek in maya. Than just what we seek in our concepts. There is something far more superior, there is something that's far more greater, and that's what we have to achieve, that's what we have to get at. And premies, that's the way it is.

But then we go out and we create all these different tracks, all these different rails from our concepts, from our imaginations. "No, if I have something else to go at, maybe that is my destiny." Then we make all these different tracks. And there is this real track lying in the middle. And then there are all these other tracks that we make from our concepts, from our ideas, from whatever we have learned in this world. And even people who have learned nothing in this world make that mistake of perking up all these different tracks all over the place.

And then we know that we've got so many tracks down on the ground that one of them ... This is like a real progression that we go into in our lives. I guess. But we know that one of these lines, one of these tracks is wrong, is the wrong one to be on. It's a mirage of the other tracks. And sob what are we to do? Which track do we take? And we know that we can take any track and get rolling. Maybe that will fulfill our destiny, or not.

There are so many people out there in this world that are really living day-to-day, and they think they are very happy. They don't care about destiny. They don't

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