National Subscription Drive Before Astrodome Program

Guru Maharaj Ji gave satsang in India last month at Holi and told the premies there that they can see that all the festivals were moving to the West, and that they had just about lost their chance to do service ... "You never even went door to door for me to tell the people about knowledge" he said.

All premies who believe that Guru Maharaj Ji is the living Perfect Master owe it to their brothers and sisters to go out and do this "And It Is Divine" Subscription Drive. The fact that not too many people buy this magazine doesn't really matter. Everyone of your friends and close acquaintances should now be introduced to Guru Maharaj Ji and the magazine. "This is the most important thing ever done." said Bob Mishler.

Bal Bhagwan Ji said that by the end of 1973, the world will be in such chaos, that people will have only one of two decisions to make i.e. commit suicide or come to the shelter of Guru Maharaj Ji. So dear brothers and sisters it is urgent, that during this period of warning, for us all to surrender any trips that we have, completely, and seriously devote ourselves to the task Guru Maharaj Ji has presented us with. Otherwise, if you are attached to anything in the external, then you'll crumble like the rest of the illusory world.



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