Project Action

was the smallest festival so far since I've started to do these programs.

I don't know what to call these programs - but it's Project Action almost, you know? Because action is happening all the time. Something's always cooking. And - in premies hearts it's cooking, you know? And then Guru Maharaj Ji - it starts cooking in Guru Maharaj Ji's heart, and it starts cooking everybody's hearts.

And a lot of premies have, you know, come out of rat holes, and that's what I call it - when people are set back into their mind, there's the only proper definition: rat hole. And a lot of people, premies doing Active Membership, it happens - it was, it was really beautiful - and everybody said, "Wow! This is fantastic! Let's have some more programs!"

Then I took this vacation, and we drove all the way up - it was, it was meant to happen, you know? There's no way, and you can't reason it, why.



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