excerpt from a satsang of Prem Rawat (then known as Guru Maharaj Ji) in Houston, Texas, November 10, 1973

A Very Big Little Mystery
Houston, Texas, November 10, 1973

Today we have all assembled here. And this is the last day of this Hans Jayanti program which is in honor of my father who was my Guru, and who founded Divine Light Mission. In his honor, on this occasion of his birthday, we celebrate this program. And all the devotees from all over the world assemble at one point to honor him, to realize, to respect, and to understand that beautiful perfection that has been revealed to them within inside of them.

Now today will be our 'goodbye day' because people who have come from different, different corners of the world are going to go back. And I'm also going back. And after that, we'll probably meet again at a bigger festival than this.

The thing is that this life is a big car, it's a huge car - and inside this car there is a big, big engine. And in the engine there is a carburetor. And the carburetor runs from a line, it's called a fuel line, which supplies fuel to the carburetor.

In some cars, before the fuel line hits the carburetor itself, there is a thing called a filter. And what this filter does is, if there is any dirt in that fuel, it will filter it right out, so that fuel going into that carburetor is pure. It won't cause any disturbance in running the car and operating the car.

In this life, within our brains, within our minds, there is this little line running. And we need a filter to filter that line out. And this filter is called Knowledge. Because we are not being filtered, probably. There are so many dirty particles coming in the fuel line - of our imagination, of our thinking, of our desires. Then eventually, when they go inside the carburetor and go inside the engine, they destroy the whole engine. It's just like fuelling the whole engine. And then the car doesn't run properly. And you think: "What's going on? Why is the car not running properly?"

And ladies and gentlemen, we are big cars. And to our brain, to our thinking, to our imagination, to what we have understood of this life today, runs a little line of love, of that Vibration, of that Perfection. But, in that line, when there is no filter in that whole system, when we are not properly understanding it, when that Perfection is just not coming to us perfectly, but it's coming to us with all these other crazy things, we do not run properly.

And this is causing the energy crisis, or any kind of crisis, in this world. And that is why there are so many people, so many, so many people unsatisfied.

There is a saying that a rich man thinks that a poor man is satisfied and a poor man thinks a rich man is satisfied. The rich man thinks maybe a king is satisfied, and a king thinks gods are satisfied. And gods think God is satisfied.

But who does God say is really satisfied? He refers to those people who have understood Knowledge, who have understood this Perfection. They are the ones who are really satisfied. Because satisfaction is like the goal of our life to which we proceed at every second.

Because there are so many desires and just to get rid of those desires itself is called Satisfaction.

If I want a camera, I have a desire for a camera - until and unless I get the camera I will not be satisfied. I will do something or the other to get that camera. And only when the camera is with me will I be satisfied.

But if we can eliminate that problem of creating desires within inside of us - I'm speaking to you on a very basic level - we are talking about eliminating a problem. And the problem is that we are not satisfied in this world. Now if we eliminate, if we get rid of that little part within inside of us that is making us unsatisfied, then naturally what will be left? If from ten you take out the zero, what's left? 

And that is the exact same thing: there is the little zero which has separated us into ten parts, and we have to go to all these ten parts of our life that we have scattered, at one time. But if we take that zero away - zero means nothing, nothing at all. A dead man doesn't have any desires. But, if you take out that zero, then one will be left - only that one that we want to be one with. Only then: there won't be two things. There'll be only one thing left. And we will be completely merged. Because there will be nothing else to merge with. We and our Father will be one.

And this is the way to do it. I have done it. This Knowledge was revealed to me. I have done it. And so you can also do it. Because see, there was one point also in my life when I had not understood Knowledge.

I was just a little kid going to school, studying. But because I had so many occasions to go with my father when he used to give spiritual discourses, something completely shattered an idea right into me that there must be something superior, there must be something more beautiful, than what I think there is. Because so-called happy people, who claim that they are happy - well, I didn't claim I was sad at that time, either. I thought that I was very very happy - until there was a point when somebody told me that there is a greater happiness than what you are thinking about.

And I really wanted to get to that happiness. Because it is man's own nature to reach for the highest, to always reach for the highest.

Well, it's a little different here, because sometimes man is facing towards the lowest, thinking it is the highest, and he aims to it, he dives in it, because he thinks that's the highest point in his life, and he tried to dive to it. But it's actually a lower point. And that's the time when man gets into problems - otherwise, really I don't think anything is a problem in this world. I don't think so.

Because the way this whole creation has been made is perfect to tip and toe. It's just perfect. It's just beautiful. Means, you have been to different places, and you have seen beauty of nature. It's completely gorgeous. It's completely beautiful. Sun comes up, it just comes out, and it's like, when it comes out, everything just comes completely alive.

And on a full moon, well, many people might be scared of werewolves. But just guess there is no werewolf. Really, what werewolf it is our mind. It comes on a full moon, which is like a sun for him. But actually it's a moon. And he gets illuminated by it. He gets affected by it. And he turns into a werewolf and starts eating you up - that's our mind.

So just imagine the ocean and it's just beautiful. Mountains. And this full moon just shining right on top of the ocean. And whole ocean is just being completely filled by all these rays of moon just coming right on the waves and shining - it's beautiful! Well then there is a beauty from which that beauty that we see came out from. Now that is that real beauty that we all have to get to, that we all have to aim for.

Ladies and gentlemen, until and unless we know the proper aim of our life - I will tell you something - it's very hard to proceed towards our main goal, towards our main destination that we want to make it to. First we have to understand what it is. First you have to recognize, first we have to feel, and understand, that this is our destination. How? Some people can tell us about it. People who have known, people who have recognized that and taken it as their destination, and reached there and seen that, yes, everything is A-okay.

Those are the people you go to. And such people are called Perfect Masters. They tell you about that Perfectness that they have experienced, that they are one with, and then you understand more and more of it.



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