excerpt from a satsang of Prem Rawat at the Hans Jayanti Festival, 1978

... our life. And if God had made this life to be wasted upon these things, then I will have to admit that there was no reason absolutely whatsoever for that Creator to make this whole creation. He made a boo-boo by making this whole creation.

Because look at the chaos in this world. Look at the misery that exists in this world. And if that is the misery that we all have to share and if that's the misery that we have to experience in this world, then this world is useless. No good. And there are people who think that, who really think that.

But by Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace, whose jayanti we celebrate - and of course, we have come to listen to satsang here, come to have darshan, satsang, service, and meditation ... but by my Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace, I've experienced that there is a deeper purpose in this life, that that's not the reason why we come in this world. That's not the reason we are born in this world. But in fact the reason we are born is to experience this incredible beauty that is there!

And we have to open ourselves up. Because if we keep ourselves closed away from that beauty, then this whole life will be in vain. What will be the purpose of this life?

Maybe when I say "purpose of this life," "aim of this life," "aim of this human life," a lot of relays of concepts click on. But really, premies, to realize ourselves, to understand who we are ... if it were our associations and our concepts and all these crazy things that we have ... to get away from that and to really understand who we are by Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace, to me, is the purpose of my life. That's the purpose.

And I think that that's every human being's purpose in this world: to have faith in their Guru Maharaj Ji, to love their Guru Maharaj Ji, to see their Guru Maharaj Ji, to do satsang, service, and meditation, to realize who they are, to become one with that most incredible thing! And it can be done.

I am not sitting here complaining about this world. "Oh this world is terrible." Of course it's terrible. Everybody knows it's terrible. And I'm not sitting here only complaining about it, like a lot of other people do. But I'm offering a solution. I'm saying, "I have a way. There is a way that we can get rid of this misery, that we can get out of this cycle of this incredible misery that we all have to face!" But we all have to have that implicit faith in Guru Maharaj Ji.

And if we don't have that implicit faith in Guru Maharaj Ji, then this Grace, this bubble, just won't be there. And then what happens? We become vulnerable. We become vulnerable to this incredible world. We fall prey to this incredible world!

And it reminds me of this story where there was once a king. And this king was pretty drunk. And he got on top of his elephant and he really started beating his elephant. After a little while the elephant didn't like it very much, I guess, and he got mad! So he threw the king from his back. And the king went flying across. And he didn't know what happened, but when he finally came out of it, he found himself hanging on a branch. And he said, "Oh wow! What's going on?!"

And he looks down and he sees this pit, he sees this well. And there are snakes and there are scorpions and there are poisonous iguanas or whatever you have, all there - coral snakes, alligators - just waiting for that king to come in, to drop in and to eat him up. And the king is very thankful because he is hanging on to this branch. And he looks up and there are two rats eating away the branch that he is holding on to. And what can he do?

That's the situation of this world.

And of course, as always, he calls for Guru Maharaj Ji. And Guru Maharaj Ji comes and saves him!

But that's what' this world is like! If we fall prey to it and we hang on to our little concepts. But they're all being cut away too! And so we have to come to that realization.

And now is the time.

So premies, again, welcome to Hans Jayanti '78. And it's incredible to have you here. Incredible festival. I think it's going to be an incredible festival. Today's the first day. And it is beautiful.

If we let ourselves be open to that beauty, then it is beautiful. And if we completely get "dis-attracted" from that, then there is no beauty. Then this can be one of the festivals that's just a complete mess! But if we open ourselves up, then we can really enjoy the beauty of this festival.

And so premies, let go of those concepts. Just relax! It's Guru Maharaj Ji's ship. Travel the streets of Port-O-Let Street, Concept Street, Satisfaction Crossing, to Satsang Avenue. (Of course you don't have to travel those streets; but come to that satsang.) Be in that satsang. Be in that service. Be in that meditation. Because without that, what is there?

And so premies, I hope that you'll enjoy yourself, and let go. Today's the first day. There's six more to go. And it's incredible. So premies, Ill see you tomorrow.

Thank you very much.



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