Knowledge without Guru Maharaj Ji

What is this Knowledge without Guru Maharaj Ji? To a lot of people it's very, very hard to understand what the role is, what the function of Guru MaharaJ Ji is, after somebody has been revealed Knowledge. Where does Guru Maharaj Ji fit in?

Guru Maharaj Ji doesn't fit in any where. Guru Maharaj J1 is Knowledge. It is Guru Maharaj Ji's Knowledge. You can put it a zillion ways. But Guru Maharaj Ji is Knowledge. Who are you going to do service to, for? Guru Maharaj Ji. What are you going to meditate on? The Holy Name, which is Guru Maharaj Ji.

I mean, that's what my experience is of Knowledge. And to me it's very, very clear that I can live without Knowledge. But I cannot live without Guru Maharaj Ji. That is the difference.



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