No Peace without Guru Maharaj Ji

Being here in this world is the greatest Grace....
Being In this world with Guru Maharaj Ji ...
I don't think there is anything left in heaven.

true? And what in this world is true'

We take this world as a stick, a guide, the way to go the way to travel, the way to be in this world, the way to be alive, a pattern, a fact. And when that stick breaks which it does, then what is left? Absolutely nothing. What is the experience that this world gives us? What is the experience of this world? Not one single thing that's good

Today, people really think about Rolls Royces. It's like "Oh man, Rolls Royce! God, a Rolls Royce?" And really, what is a Rolls Royce? (I'm talking about ideologies of this world, of this life) Once I was driving in a Rolls and I stopped it. It wasn't timed properly, and it just kept igniting and igniting. This "pre-ignition" kept happening. And for about three minutes it just sat there and just kept making funny noises.

Really it's not just a matter of anything It's the matter of the scope. It's the matter of what this world is all built from. What we think is really true, what we think is fantastic, what we think is nice.

Guru Maharaj Ji says, "Look There's only one thing that is true in this world, there's only one thing that is real in this world. This one saint says that wherever you can see, it's all maya, it's all illusion. That's it. It's all illusion. And what is really real in this world is that Holy Name, is Guru Maharaj Ji.

There is one song that goes "Without Guru Maharaj Ji, nobody is going to find the path." And it just becomes so obvious in our lives that, yes, we are made to be dependent on somebody, on that perfectness. We have to rely on that perfectness. We have to be a beggar. And we have to be the "most humblest" beggar. Not just a beggar, but the "most humblest" beggar. Because everybody is a beggar.

There is this one poem by Tulsidas. It goes "In this world, you should do two things. Accept Holy Name and give peace. And that's what you have to do. You have to be a beggar. And to understand that, and to beg from your heart. Because what else can you do? You can't go up to Guru Maharaj Ji and say. "By the power vested in me, O Guru Maharaj Ji, I order you to reveal me Knowledge, give me Grace and satisfaction in my life. "I mean, that would be a little bit too outrageous and Guru Maharaj Ji will go, "Get out of here. Take your power and go swimming with it. Go fly a kite."

But to beg for that Knowledge in the "most humblest" way. That's what Krishna says. You have to get rid of all your "cheats," your tiny nooks and crannies of this mind. Give it all up. With a humble heart approach the Perfect Master of the time and beg for this experience.




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