Surrender To Maharaji

Ji think of my effort to just go to the community center and listen to satsang? And then I come back home and do some meditation and go to sleep." Somewhere "half-in-between." What does Guru Maharaj Ji think of all that? "Does Guru Maharaj Ji think that I am at a place where I should be at?"

And I know that a lot of premies even get into that. "Oh, I have reached the place where I want to be, where Guru Maharaj Ji wants me to be." A lot of premies get into that. "Now I know. I have realized Knowledge." And if that isn't mind, if that isn't the manifestation of mind - a direct and a pure manifestation of mind - I don't know what it is.

Listen. The story goes that you have to surrender to Guru Maharaj Ji, not Guru Maharaj Ji surrendering to you. You have to surrender to satsang, service and meditation; not satsang, service and meditation surrendering to you. And therefore, how can you ever possibly make the claim that it's all perfect, that you have realized Knowledge, that you have realized perfection, that you have realized whatever you feel like realizing?

There is only one person in this world who can tell you that. And that's Guru Maharaj Ji. Not you. Not your mind. And of course, why do you even want to tell yourself that? So you can skip a meditation or so. "Look man, I have realized it." You don't show up for satsang for two weeks, a premie comes up to you and asks you, "Why haven't you been in satsang? Where have you been for two weeks?"

"Come on, man, take it easy, I've realized it. Don't you know?" Mind sticking out of the left ear and the right ear and out of the nostrils and out of the eyes and mouth. "I have realized it, don't you see?"

That happens. And all I can say is, "Oh yeah, I see." But I don't think you want to know what I see. I see that you have completely missed the golf ball and hit your ankle. And maybe you hit it so hard that you don't even feel the pain. But listen, you will. Wait a couple of minutes, and you will. Believe me, you will.

We want to surrender to Guru Maharaj Ji. We want to surrender to that Knowledge. Period. We want this life to become that and not have a divider line run right through the center - "This is right, this is wrong. This is good, this is bad" - but completely have that dedication to Guru Maharaj Ji.

March 1978   5



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