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"The chances are you've never seen the other side of me. You've seen the event side of me when I'm on stage. But there is another side of me. If you evoke that side, you won't like it. It's a nasty side. You don't want to see that side. You're not missing anything by not seeing it." - Prem Rawat, Arundel England, 23rd July 1999.

An Open Letter to Maharaji
After 30 years as a loyal student of Prem Rawat, Mike Finch has written this letter to his former teacher.

An Open Letter to Current Followers of Prem Rawat
Summary of the major grievances of Maharaji's formers followers.

Prem Rawat - The Person
Testimonies of those with first hand experience of Prem Rawat, including those who ran Rawat's organisation and personal finances, and one who taught his children.

Prem Rawat - His Wealth
Some say it doesn't matter how Prem Rawat lives, but just read how wealthy he is, and
one way he 'earns' it.

Harboring a Paedophile
Mahatma Jagdeo, one of Prem Rawat's closest lieutenants, used his position of power to rape and abuse children of Prem Rawat's followers.

Prem Rawat responds to his critics
Finally acknowledging we exist, Prem Rawat describes his critics as matches that didn't light!

Welcome to the ex-premie website, the most comprehensive information resource on the internet covering Prem Rawat and his work.

The primary purpose of this website is to provide information to current and prospective followers of Prem Rawat, that is not made available on Prem Rawat's official sites.

This website has been in existence since 1997. Since the current webmaster took over in 2001, the home page has included a request for Prem Rawat or Elan Vital to correct any inaccuracies on this site. They have yet to do so.

Elan Vital did claim copyright on quotes by Prem Rawat in which he likened himself to Jesus, and pictures of Mr. Rawat dressed as Krishna, but so far they have made no attempt to rebut any of the first-hand testimonies published on this site.

Those unfamiliar with the history of Prem Rawat, and some of the terms we use here, are recommended to read this introduction, and the links from that page.

Latest News
Original Transcripts of Confidential 'Trainings' given by Prem Rawat!!

While reasonable efforts have been made to ensure the accuracy of the content of this site; which is based on first hand accounts (usually corroborated), Elan Vital/Divine Light Mission/DUO publications, and other sources; we are grateful for any factual corrections.

So, once again, welcome!

Press and Media Information
A press pack will be available soon. For further information, write to the

Prem Rawat in the Press
Compare the newspaper articles about Prem Rawat listed on this site, with those listed on the Prem Rawat Foundation site.

The DLM/EV Papers
After being
forced offline by Elan Vital's lawyers, former EV instructor Jean-Michel Kahn's excellent website is now hosted here. Including The True Spiritual Heritage of Prempal Rawat.

Is Prem Rawat the Leader of a Cult?
Current followers have argued that Prem Rawat is not the leader of a cult. All cult experts and former followers say he is.

An open letter to Dr. Ron Geaves
Dr. Geaves' contribution to the Visions International video, 'Passages, A Master's Journey' is a good example of Elan Vital revisionism.

Attempts to silence Prem Rawat's critics
Including attempts to shut down this website. (Under Construction)

Personal accounts of ex-followers of Prem Rawat.

White Pages
Email listings of ex-followers of Prem Rawat.

Best of the Forums
Some of the best discussions from the on-line forums.

Forum Archives
Archives of the earlier on-line forums.

Questions for Maharaji
Pity he doesn't answer questions - the answers would be interesting.

An introduction for those not familiar with the Prem Rawat phenomenon.

Why don't we "Move on"?
The short answer is:- Most have!

Site Policy
This site exists to provide information only.

This site is maintained by unpaid volunteers. Normally requests are made for donations to help support this site, but in view of the tsunami disaster in the Indian Ocean, the webmaster of this site implores anyone who finds this site of value to donate double or more of what they would have donated to this site to the various disaster relief funds in their own countries.

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