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Maharaji's organization today

Maharaji is the only person who is allowed to give aspirants Knowledge, with rare exceptions as previously described. Only Maharaji and the few full-time initiators are allowed to give satsang and talk about the experience of meditation. Thus, the making and distribution of videotapes of Maharaji speaking has increased tremendously. Videos of his speeches are sent all over the world, along with introductory videos for interested newcomers, special videos for aspirants, and "feature" videos for premies. Each country has had to develop an organization to sell, transcribe, duplicate, and show these videos.

Elan Vital has established non-profit organizations in a number of countries, with a few exceptions, such as Switzerland and some Muslim countries (which don't allow that type of organization). The status of these non-profit organizations has to be compatible with that of Elan Vital in the United States, for US legal reasons.

Typically Elan Vital has a national representative known as a "responsible" in each country. This person is helped by a team of assistants, who take care of activities such as finances, renting halls, the aspirant program, video distribution, and security. Security is very developed, and involves the protection of Maharaji himself, as well as that of premies during conferences.

Maharaji travels much more now than he did in the mid-eighties. He has purchased a Challenger jet, but has recently traded up to a Gulfstream V, worth approximately 41 million dollars. This allows him to appear at programs (or "events") in over 100 places per year, should he so desire. He usually travels twice around the world per year for his tours, and is quite proud of this. Arranging his travel and events is very expensive and requires a large international support organization.

Maharaji is still married to the former Marolyn Johnson, and has four children. Premlata, born in 1975, is the oldest. He has a younger daughter, Daya, and two sons, Hansi and Amar. Daya is a talented singer, and performs at many of Maharaji's programs and in several videos and music CD's released by his organization. Premlata works for Visions International and occasionally performs on stage with Daya. Hansi and Amar are rarely seen.

Maharaji's full time staff includes a co-pilot, a flight engineer, and a stewardess. He always travels with his valet (who is also in charge of his personal security), and with his secretary (who handles his flight plans and schedules). He often has as many as five people from Visions International traveling with him: two in charge of the stage and the production of the show, two cameramen, and one person taking notes during his talk to facilitate editing. He also has a personal full-time photographer. Instructors often travel with him to assist him during Knowledge sessions and to help with conference preparation.

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