Calling All Premies

The Guestbook pages at (hosted by Harlan Ray Cooley) and its sister-site have vanished from the Web.

We had suspected it was due to pressure exerted from the top, as Maharaji has shunned the Internet due to his having less control over content there than he has over the content of his videos. Now we have the proof. Here is a copy of a post to our Forum.

From: Brian

To: Everyone

Topic: Calling All Premies

Well, I just got off of the phone with a premie who called to notify me that MJ doesn't want premies to discuss Knowledge on the Internet. It seems that there are presences on the Net that are misleading and confusing some premies and many aspirants. I am appalled that anyone would DO that!!!

A few weeks back, I received some email at an old BBS account that I had used to post to Harlan's site under a different name. The emailer asked if he could call me on the phone to speak to me, and asked for my phone number. Since it wasn't going to be a collect call I figured 'Why not?', and responded. So weeks went by and I forgot about it and then I get this call from a different premie informing me of MJ's preference regarding the Internet.

I pointed out that since MJ's stated mission is to take Knowledge to the entire world, there would seem to be a better chance of reaching that world via the Internet. I also pointed out that I was only being contacted for the first time in many many YEARS because I HAD posted onto the Internet. 'Hmmm...', said the premie. The apparent contridiction didn't slip past him, but he reassured me that it is still MJ's expressed desire that premies NOT post.

'By the way, what happend to', I asked. He responded that Harlan had been in contact with one of MJ's instructors a few weeks back. The instructor instructed him about MJ's feelings regarding the Internet. Although this is something that Harlan would already have been aware of (him being a web-surfing fool like myself), he subsequently decided to 'revise' his web page format to bring it in line with the Master's wishes.

When I pressed to find out if MJ was personally responsible for the decision to contact posting premies, he waffled here repeatedly. First he claimed that it was an effort being conducted by 'people around Maharaji'. When reminded of some of the stupid edicts handed down by people around MJ in the past, he hinted strongly that the effort was in line with MJ's wishes. (More waffling. Does this sound familiar, Deena?)

So, if you happen to be among the few premies posting to the web (or sneaking looks!) who HAVEN'T been 'instructed' as to MJ's wishes, I am hereby notifying you that you should probably maybe perhaps cease and desist. But only 'if you want'. And you do want, you know. He's gonna know just by looking in your guilty eyes the next time you shell out good money to kiss his feet. You'll be sorry. Turn off that computer and get back to some wholesome videos! (By his grace, of course...)

[Editor's Note: Booth Dyess was the person who originally contacted Brian via email, but the person placing the phone call was David Coyne.]

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