Ten Things You Should Know About Prem Rawat

The text below has been produced by a group of former followers of Prem Rawat, a.k.a. Maharaji, as a summary of the facts about Prem Rawat that are intentionally hidden from his followers, potential followers, the media and the general public, by both Prem Rawat and the organisations that promote his work. A pdf version (requiring Adobe Acrobat) is now available for download. The webmaster of this site has both contributed to, and fully supports, the text and all legal attempts to distribute the information.



1. When he first came to the west in 1971 aged thirteen, he was called Guru Maharaj Ji, head of Divine Light Mission, and worshipped as the Messiah. His followers called him Lord of the Universe. Since then there have been several name changes, he became Maharaji head of Elan Vital and most recently he has redesigned himself as an inspirational speaker called Prem Rawat of the Prem Rawat Foundation.

2. Throughout the years he has encouraged his followers (premies) to line up for “darshan” to kiss or touch his feet, also to sing devotional songs referring to him as “my Lord”. This goes on to this day.

3. In the 1980s he recalled all magazines and other materials in order to re-invent his image. He takes no responsibility for misleading people in the past, instead he blames his followers.

4. According to eyewitness accounts, he smokes, drinks to excess, and has used key personnel to procure female followers for his sexual satisfaction. For many years he has also kept a long term mistress. This is despite being a married man with four children.

5. For years he urged his followers to surrender to him and live austere lives in ashrams. Meanwhile he lived the high life at their expense. His close coterie was “x-rated” and had to promise not to reveal what went on around him.

6. When he came to the west he had nothing. Now he is extremely wealthy. He, or businesses he controls, owns several luxury mansions, land, fleets of expensive cars, a seven million dollar yacht, and a private jet, all for his exclusive use. His early followers gave everything, including their inheritances, directly to him. His followers are still donating, and Elan Vital is a registered charity, so the UK government (i.e. British taxpayers) are contributing a percentage of this as “Gift Aid.”

7. The “Knowledge” that he claims as his own consists of four yoga techniques which are taught by many Indian religious groups. Without proper explanation and supervision, which he does not give, these techniques can be harmful.

8. He has encouraged his followers to believe that everything they experience is due to his grace and influence. He teaches them to depend on him for all their inner experiences for their entire life. This is really a personality dependency cult.

9. One of his senior instructors, Jagdeo, sexually molested children whilst working for him. There is compelling evidence that makes it implausible that Mr. Rawat was unaware of this. Yet he allowed him to continue in his service with unsupervised access to children from the early 1970s until 1999.

10. There is a wealth of information about him on the Internet. One website, which contains his direct quotes, www.ex-premie.org, was recently targeted by Elan Vital’s lawyers in an attempt to close it down on copyright issues. Decide for yourself, but be informed.

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