Prem Rawat's Trainings - 1999

Original Transcripts of Confidential 'Trainings' given by Prem Rawat

Unedited transcripts of Maharaji's comments at two training courses he conducted in 1999 have been made available to this site. The transcripts were written by Chuck Nathan who attended both courses. The webmaster of this site knows the name of the source of the transcripts, and because of this has no doubts as to the authenticity of the transcripts.

Miami Training June 28th 1999 - Day 1: "Don't piss me off. You won't like it."
Miami Training June 29th 1999 - Day 2: "No Dark Thoughts"
Miami Training June 30th 1999 - Day 3: "You have a leader: M is your Leader !"
Miami Training July 1st 1999 - Day 4: "On the Malibu staff, I have everyone's resignation."
Miami Training July 2nd 1999 - Day 5: "Ex-premie site - people tell me we should do something."
Arundel Training July 23rd 1999 - Day 1: "Premie shit. That's mild. I have to live with it every day."
Arundel Training July 24th 1999 - Day 2: "You guys are a bunch of disgusting assholes."
Arundel Training July 25th 1999 - Day 3: "Everything is confidential. ..... This is a safe environment. "
Arundel Training July 26th 1999 - Day 4: "I've never seen a group of people that hate each other so much."
Arundel Training July 27th 1999 - Day 5: "I guess farts are precursors to shit."
Arundel Training July 28th 1999 - Day 6: "It's like two males trying to copulate and have a baby."

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