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The 'Paramhansa Advait Mat' Book

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A Word On English Translation

Translation seldom captures fully the spirit, the style and the beauty of description of the original text. The Grantha 'Shri Paramhansa Advait Mat', the treasure of spiritual knowledge, was originally written in Hindi. Efforts have been made to translate the Grantha in English, as faithfully as possible, for the benefit of the English-knowing devotees and seekers. Whereas, as far as possible, equivalent English words have been used to convey the meanings of Hindi words mentioned in the Grantha, at places, the standard Hindi words have been retained in the translation to avoid any confusion. Repetitions have been avoided at places, in the interest of brevity and also with a view to making the reading straight.

However, despite efforts, there are bound to be short-comings in the translation in view of the limited knowledge and capacity of the translator. None is more conscious of this lacuna than him. The indulgence of the enlightened readers is, therefore, craved to point out the shortcomings and the improvements; wherever necessary, so that the same may be incorporated in future editions. Let us remember that the aim of all of us is to portray the correct and apt version of the elegant Grantha in English.

The translation is dedicated to the lotus feet of Shri Sadguru Data Din Dayal Ji Maharaj, the Fifth Master, Who is the moving spirit behind the preparation of the Grantha as well as this translation. May the blessings of the Master enable us to derive the maximum benefit from this excellent Grantha in achieving the real aim of our life !

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Human life is a playfield of duality. Besides this, its customary duties and the means to perform them are also complicated. Duality has been the basic principle of life since its inception, and victory-defeat, friend-foe, life-death, matter and soul are its two poles. If soul is the animate pole, matter is only an inanimate one. Change is the fundamental principle of nature. As life changes from stage to stage, matter also continues to change. Let us first take the human life. Its first stage is childhood, then youth and finally the old age. Whatever beauty and vanity one finds in youth, can one see the same in old age ? According to the principles of f Nature, at first, physical strength, prowess and courage reach their zenith in life and then they gradually decline.

Similarly time continues to bring about changes in situations. Procreation and destruction are two phases of time. Just as, if white ants start eating a piece of wood, they do not eat it up all at once, but make it hollow from within gradually. Similarly, 'Bhakti' and 'Maya' manifest themselves gradually. When devotion to God becomes stronger, truth, devotion, and peace prevail all-around. On the other hand when 'Maya' gets the upper hand; restlessness, unrighteousness and falsehood rule everywhere. This does not mean that truth and righteousness disappear altogether and unrighteousness alone prevails. What actually happens is that like the action of termites on wood, 'Maya' gradually hollows the man of his virtues and instigates him to feel inclined towards evil intentions and improper deeds. Then unrighteousness replaces righteousness and persons with fiendish thoughts and actions devoid of sense of duty increase in number. The rising number of sins of such persons burdens the earth and having felt the necessity, it prays for the birth of a Great personality. The devotees of God also join the earth in such prayers. When these prayers, duly strengthened, reach the skies, all the angels (Devta) fully associate themselves with them. Nature then responds to these prayers and great saints reincarnate themselves. According to an adage, 'Necessity is the mother of invention', the following verses express the same view: -

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When ignorance and falsehood prevail in the world and the people are given to hypocrisy, devotees of God find themselves helpless; righteousness and truth appeal to none, Brahmins and Divine Masters are insulted and mischievous hypocrites preach knowledge; world becomes like hell and righteousness and sense of duty vanish from human thoughts; Seekers of God, Brahmins and the earth make piteous appeals that God should not forsake His protection.

Then God manifests Himself in human form according to the need of the time. Thus the Great saints come to this world in human form. Their advent marks the beginning of happiness, peace and love. As the appearance of clouds in the sky, after an extremely hot wave, causes comfort and pleasure, so the saints bestow peace and happiness on the suffering humanity through their nectarean sermons. Their sermons, preachings and activities in the field of spiritual development, more often assume the shape of a book or "Granth" to benefit the coming generations. Whatever rules and principles these saints establish, serve the purpose of a beacon light for the coming generations to pave their paths. For example, Shrimad Bhagvad-Gita, Sri Ramayana, Sri Mahabharata are our Indian religious Granthas, which represent a proper mingling of politics, philosophy and spirituality. One is prompted to enlightenment by their study even today. The nine kinds of devotion (Navdha Bhakti ), which Shri Ram Chandra preached to Shabri, was also conveyed by Shri Krishan Chandra and other Great souls in the language of their times in the form of Yoga. In reality these religious Granthas, serve as light-houses for the waywards groping in dark, to put them firmly on the righteous path. This is accomplished through the media of a living Master, the need for whom has been very emphatically stressed in all the scriptures, and by studying them, a keen desire to search for One is aroused. When by continuous study and thinking over these Granthas one's eagerness to discover the Perfect Master becomes stronger, one surely succeeds in finding Him. While Preaching the nine kinds of devotion to Shabri, Shri Ram Chandra has said in Ramayana:-

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First devotion is to seek the company of the saints and the second to listen to their discourses on Me.

When topmost priority has been given to the company of saints in these most sacred Granthas, will not the desire to seek the Perfect Master be awakened in the hearts of their listeners ? It will surely be. Only a thorough study of these sacred Granthas is required.

How endearing is the light of an earthen lamp in the pitch dark night of 'Amavasya' ! One feels ecstatic joy at its very sight. This joy obliges one to forget all pains and miseries. None likes darkness. Everywhere light is loved. After extreme darkness of the night when the sun rises at dawn, it illuminates all the directions and a wave of happiness engulfs every part of the earth. It bestows joy upon the animals, birds and human beings. When full moon reaches its height on a 'Purnima' night, the night itself becomes joyful. Born of light, a man has always been attracted by it. During his childhood, when he is still in the cradle, he makes the ray of light the centre of his attention; when he grows to the stage of infancy, his attention is attracted by the moon, and as the years are added to his age, the man becomes more and more eager to tread the enlightened path. Ultimately when the soul is about to leave the body and the body is about to return to its five elements, an earthen lamp is kindled to symbolise light. Finally fire respectfully consumes it in the shape of light.

So far about man's love for light in the world exterior to him. But there is light within also. The great saints take birth to make one realise this light. They declare that realisation of the soul (the light within) is the sole aim and goal of human life. The Yogis, Rishis, Munis and Tapasvis all advise that one should realise one's own self and they also strive for the same in their own life-time. Through the grace of a Perfect Master one succeeds in this mission soon. Then why should we not enjoy the beatitude of self-realisation and free ourselves from the cycle of births and deaths for ever ?

Mahatma Buddha said, "Bodhistavas ! (O' seekers of knowledge !) light the lamp of the knowledge of the soul and God-remembrance and march ahead, you will encounter fear nowhere in the world. Light of the soul is the eternal light. The saints have been displaying this divine light in the world according to the needs of the time."

The struggle between the light and darkness has been continuing since the inception of the world. So long as the world lasts, the war between righteousness and unrighteousness or truth and falsehood will continue. Sometimes. this war was fought between Shri Ram Chandra and Lanka's king, Ravana; sometimes, in the times of Shri Krishan Chandra, it was fought at Kurukshetra as the Mahabharata war, and in Kaliyuga this war was fought by the great saints namely, Shri Kabir Sahib, Guru Nanak Dev and Tulsi Das, against the devilish powers of Mind. The great souls have ever been reincarnating themselves to maintain this tradition.

The progenitor of 'Shri Paramhansa Advait-Mat' was Maharajadhiraja Shri Shri 108 Shri Paramhans Dayal Ji, the first master, Shri Swami Advait Anand Ji Maharaj who displayed the same Divine light, for which the saints have always been eager and the need for which was felt for times to come. He taught the lesson of bravery to wage a war against one's Mind and armed his followers, nay the whole world, with the weapon of 'NAM' to fight against it. With a view to guiding the wayward humanity, He has been coming to this world in the forms of reincarnations of Paramahansas to bring all His followers together. Whatever divine acts He performed and nectarean sermons He preached in His different forms, have been recorded in this book.

It has been possible to write this sacred biographical sketch by the grace of Shri Shri 108 Shri Sadguru Dev Maharaj Ji, the Fifth Master. For this we are extremely indebted to Him that He has done a great favour to us-countless ignorant and wayward people. He has immensely obliged us all by getting these rarely known glimpses of the various forms of Paramhansas, recorded here. This book is the source of peace, happiness, inspiration, comfort and uplift, and a means to cross the ocean of worldly existence, from where one can have a broad view of the world itself.

The glimpses of the lives of various forms of Paramhansas, which are like precious gems, have been recorded in this volume. It contains a detailed account of their life-events and main teachings, as also of the ways and principles of 'Bhakti', as were put into practice by the progenitor of SHRI PARAMHANSA ADVAIT MAT, the First Master, and thereafter by His respective successors. This book appears to be small in size, but has the depth of an ocean. As by diving deep into the ocean alone one can discover as to what priceless treasures are hidden there, so one can enjoy the inner pleasure, mental peace and real comfort, whose matchless treasure this book is, only by studying the lives of Paramhansas described therein and such an experience can only be felt and not described. Every word, every page and every life-glimpse in this book carries numerous deep inner meanings. Once you start reading it, you would not like to leave it without finishing it. The life history of every Paramhansa has been described here in such a way that while reading it, one feels as if every part of it is being enacted in front of one's eyes as in a film. By merging oneself into such thoughts alone one can derive the real pleasure.


This book has been mainly divided into seven parts. Four parts, one each, relate to the first four Divine Masters called Shri Paramhansas, the First to the Fourth. The fifth part is on Shri Anandpur Satsang Ashram; sixth on 'Ideal life' and the seventh on the importance of prayer in life. Besides, there are other small parts such as 'Manglacharan', 'Vandana', Teachings of the Sadguru, 'What is Sant Mat', Advent of the Paramhansa Advait Mat, the Fifth successor of the Sampardaya (sect) and rules and regulations for the permanent residents of Shri Anandpur Satsang Ashram etc. etc., which have their own importance. The main four parts are like the sun and the other parts are its rays. The life histories of the Paramhansas have been so described that while describing the life events of Shri Paramhansa Dayal Ji Maharaj, the first Master, some mention has also been made of the devotion of His devotees. In the chapter on the life of the first Master, references to the life of the Second Master are only brief ones. Similarly, the references to the lives of the Third and the Fourth Masters in the chapter on the life of the Second Master are only brief. Detailed glimpses of the life of each Master can be had in their respective chapters.

The narration of the establishment of 'Shri Anandpur Satsang Ashram' is important in its own way. While reading it every scene of Shri Anandpur projects itself before the eyes. Those devotees who have seen it developing since l940-41 AD, would feel every scene rehearsing itself before their eyes. Without giving further illustrations, it would suffice to write that who-so-ever, after reading this book, moulds his life according to the sayings of the Masters, would be surely freed from all worldly ties. It is hoped that the lovers and the devotees of the Masters, as well as the seekers of devotion, will be able to remove their age-long dirt of worldly attachment by reading this book and will immensely benefit thereby.

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(Hindi Quote)

Oh extremely benevolent Sadguru, Shri Paramhansa, merciful and protector of the devotees. I make obeisance unto Thee crores of times.

(Hindi Quote)

Oh kind Paramhansa Ji, like the sun Thou hast appeared in this age to uplift others and there is none equal to Ye.

(Hindi Quote)

By showing the path of non-duality, Thou hast done a most beneficent deed. Thou hast removed the darkness and confusion of dualism and trialism.

(Hindi Quote)

Oh, Shri Parambansa Ji, by Thy reincarnation Bliss hast rained everywhere. Really Thy greatness is unfathomable. None can know Ye fully.

(Hindi Quote)

Oh Shri Paramhansa Maharaj Ji, Great Thou art, Thou art alt ocean of compassion in the world, and art bounteous in dispensing the wealth of Spiritual Bliss.

(Hindi Quote)

Oh Guru Dev ! Thou art an abode of Bliss, and destroyer of all the sins gathered by the people. The service rendered at Thy feet protects one from the terror of 'Kaal'.

(Hindi Quote)

Oh Sire! All the three sacred rivers, Ganges, Yamuna and Saraswati flow from Thy feet. Love unto Thee is nectar-like and is effective in removing all the three afflictions, (of body, spirit and celestial).

(Hindi Quote)

Oh Lord ! Thou art ad ocean of Light, and a radiant benefactor of all. Thou hast shown me a smooth highway to spirituality.

(Hindi Quote)

Oh Guru Dev ! Thy grace is all bliss and bestower of boons like 'Chintamani' (a fabulous gem, supposed to produce whatever is asked of it), and I have been privileged to get Thine shelter.

(Hindi Quote)

I am ignorant and simpleton. Be extremely kind to me. Otherwise how can I write Thy Virtues, as Thou art great and in the know of every thing.

(Hindi Quote)

Who-so-ever is blessed by Ye, Oh Sadguru ! will start speaking even if he be dumb, and will cross the mountain, even if he be lame.

(Hindi Quote)

This servant of Thine servants solicits Thy blessings, so that he may be able to write with deep concentration this book on 'Shri Paramhansa Advait Mat'.

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I pray crores of times at Thy lotus feet, that by Thy grace, oh my Master ! I may not feel dearth of anything. A sinner by birth that I am, kindly do not take notice of my faults. Afflicted as I am, I always yearn that Ye may cast a merciful glance at me. With all the concentration at my command, I make obeisance at Thy sacred feet, O' Sadguru ! that my inner eye of wisdom be opened by the rays emanating from the nails of Thy lotus feet.

Oh Shri Sadguru Dev Maharaj Ji ! The Destroyer of afflictions, Remover of fear, Bestower of devotion, Perfect creator of the Universe, Treasure of eternal bliss, All Pervading, All Powerful, that Thou art. I bow and pray to Thee innumerable times. I am standing at Thy door to beg Thine utmost kindness. Ignoring the lapses of this sinful humble self, kindly bestow on me that light of knowledge, that may enable me to sing Thy praises. When the Vedas, the Puranas, the god-Shesha, the goddess-'Sharda' and the poets have failed to sing Thy praises and narrate Thy virtues, how will this weak and ignorant person be able to do that ? I am humbler than the dust particle of a desert. Due to Thy limitless grace a keen desire has arisen in my mind to write a treatise on 'Shri Paramhansa Advait Mat' and to accomplish this arduous task, I need Thy limitless help and blessings. Thou art all-knowing, All Pervading, All Powerful and Perfect Go-d. Thou hast come to this world in human form in response to the sincere prayers of Thine devotees. I have no words to express my sense of gratitude for the appearance of Thy most resplendent celestial Self in 'Paramhansa' forms. How can this humble person repay the debt of Thy having undergone numerous troubles for guiding the humanity, engulfed in the slumber of attachment, to the right path by enlightening it ? What to speak of one life, it is impossible for me to redeem myself of this debt even in lacs of births. I wish to continue under Thy protection as at present. Kindly keep reincarnating in resplendent and attractive forms in times to come, so that I may go on enjoying the protection of Thy auspicious, lotus feet. Thou hast favoured me in many forms:-

(Hindi Quote)

The Supreme Light manifested Itself in the world in the form of Shri Paramhansa Dayal Ji; Who cut asunder all the bondages of the afflicted ones by establishing them in the path of Non-duality.

'Shri Maharaj' came as the Supreme Lord of the animate and inanimate beings, Whose remembrance alone accomplishes all the tasks without any difficulty.

'Shri Paramhansa Avtar', the embodiment of love, enabled people to cross the worldly ocean by casting a merciful glance on them.

'Shri Deen Dayal Ji' (Compassionate towards the afflicted ones) the Supreme Lord of the three worlds, appeared to show the righteous path and to deliver true message to the world.

'Shri Sadguru Data Dayal Ji' (The Bestower of boons and Compassionate), has come to act as the steersman of the worldly ocean by granting us Protection at His lotus feet.

Oh, the Divine Charmer of the three worlds, the Merciful, the Protector and the Affectionate Master ! Thou hast kept an immortal light burning by assuming different forms in order to uplift us. There is none except Thee, in the world, whom I can claim as my own. Thou alone art everything in my life. Kindly cast a favourable glance on me. Oh Master ! be kind and merciful. Although not entitled to it, yet with Thine blessings alone my humble pen may acquire a new ray of hope out of the acute hopelessness to give the all-beneficent account of 'Shri Paramhansa Advait Mat' the shape of a book. I am only a humble virtueless creature. Oh Master ! I do not possess the necessary ability and strength. I am Thy servant, humble like a particle of dust under Thy feet. Kindly do not refuse me this favour, and give me protection at Thy lotus feet. Kindly raise a wave of hope in me and fill this wave with Thine own knowledge and ability so that this auspicious work be completed without any hindrance.

(Hindi Quote)

One feels ecstatic by mere reading the excellent descriptions of Shri Paramhansa Ji.

In response to the prayers of the afflicted ones, the Master appeared in human form.

The Master did a great favour by removing the last vestige of attachment in me.

He showed the path of salvation to the entire world. Even the Vedas and all the scriptures are unable to grasp the deep significance of His teachings.

By His utmost grace, Who is Compassionate towards the afflicted ones, Valmiki and Tulsi wrote the famous versions of His life and deeds.

Oh Master ! kindly bestow the light of knowledge so that ignorance may disappear at once.

I am ignorant because of attachment and illusion. Kindly bestow Thy devotion, which is the treasure of eternal peace.

May by reading Thine inspiring, peace-giving and fear-destroying biography, the restlessness and pain of the world vanish.

This servant of Thy servants is the lover of Thy feet. May I ever remain devoted to Thee.

Prostrating at the lotus feet of Shri Sadguru Dev Maharaj Ji, I pray crores of times for this favour alone that He may kindly bestow strength and ability on my humble pen to write this book. This is the only desire of my heart and the main aim of my life.

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