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Debriefing Report
on Amaroo day - Miami 2000

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Debriefing: Amaroo 2000 Day

The total attendance was 323.

$19,086 contributed that will be matched.

An additional $1,359 was donated at the event, plus $ 3,080 in future donations, plus $350 to cover the costs for putting on the event. Those costs were $1,986. Monies raised at the event will cover all costs for the event. Everyone performed wonderfully to keep expenses down yet not compromising on quality.

Vision Sales in Miami were the largest of any community in the US, totaling $1900. Strengths of the Visions area included great team, attention to design and display of area, shared responsibility for tasks among team members, lots of gratitude. Cooperation between areas in lobby was also appreciated. Open to feedback from other team members for suggestions on ways to improve.

Staging and upholstery could use additional personnel. It is a very small group right now, adequate for an event like the Amaroo day, but still a little stretched. Personnel needed would ideally have sewing and upholstery background.

Recruitment: Process of recruiting and working within team very enjoyable. Relationship between other areas needs improvement. Sometimes other areas would borrow facility staff. Didn't create a large problem this event and be conscious of using own personnel as much as possible. Security reported to be spaced out on stage right.

Strengths in facility area of great team Area manager said he now feels like part of team, not area manager. Worked to develop communications system through Internet so all involved in Facility Area, and EM were informed of developments.

City Contact:
Referenced the great opportunity this event afforded us to practice for an event with him. Feeling in room so beautiful. Encouraged all to continue to put this quality, consciousness into our local events.

Usher Team acknowledged great team support. Went through the manual and highlighted sections that ushers needed to focus on. Said team was really concentrated, alert all the time, really event was a "Great team effort." Said many ushers are quite experienced now, a feeling like they "owned the service", a love and understanding of the service. Increasingly professional staff.

Note Victoria has requested to be part of Lobby design Team for next event. Really happy to be part of event management team.

Requested we schedule all meetings the last week of the month prior, in order to maintain good pr with MBWC e.g., schedule by the last week of November for meetings needed for the month of December. Along these lines, Joyce Firestone requested more research on possible halls for meetings.

Manager cited strengths of great team, a lot of cooperation between areas. Needs additional personnel. Also, noted that problems with security do not necessarily come from outside, and everyone needs to participate in watching their own belongings.

Rick Spears raised issue timing of event? Early start time necessitated going in one day in advance, doing set up, and take down twice. Plus no place to really secure equipment. Also, problems with equipment were noted. Mixer was not working properly. Problems with sound, projector, cables. Had great time, though, high level of quality and accomplishment among productions players. Really like a large event with director, tech. Rehearsal, dress rehearsal, and that kind of learning that takes place at event w/M. Others from EM also acknowledged the excellent job accomplished by the productions team for this event.

Bill M. said for this event they used 2 local vans for transport. Said there was great teamwork in area and between logistics and other areas. Facility, Information, Visions etc. supported logistics. Had a lot of help and really appreciated that so many managers came to the warehouse and pulled their own supplies.

Moving into an email mode for inventory requests to handle communications about what is needed.

Issue of safety addressed, and requested that someone be assigned to this area to handle emergencies that might arise. Right now, he is doing this by default because he brings safety equipment to events, but overseeing this should not be a logistics concern.

Ana Rico/Kathy Cooksey referenced large contributions presence and nice set up of event.

Next time would like briefing from the resource team prior to event. Also, need for additional training of staff seen.

Overall felt role was very well defined. Made lots of notes. Template will be more accurate for next time. Gave specific recommendations for production, a/v, and staging areas:

Due to hurricane the hotel was running behind on Saturday, this meant late setting risers for stage, and late for genie lift. Also, there was a smell in the lobby.

Sound co: There was a mix-up in delivery time. Arrived at 12, but was on schedule for 1., Security, therefore had not yet arrived.

Video Projector: arrived late on Sat. Held up testing and setting up videos, focusing

Mixer: 2 mixers were requested, 1 arrived very late, 3pm. Same person had videos needed to test video projector

A/V area: Short staffed, only 1 sound person and 1 video person. 2 were needed of each.

Fabric: On Sat., fabric was cut for floors of stage. Scheduler brought it to attention on Sunday AM but when it didn't happen, failed to remind again

Videos: In future, time them in advance. Markings on box were not accurate.

Noise: Buzzing noise on left side of room, from ceiling was distracting

Hotel Liaison:
COMMUNICATIONS: The quality of communication among all areas can be raised, as well as between individuals. There were some gaps that, fortunately, could be pieced together. Communications with productions was the best it has been thus far. Great management from productions area. Suggestion of developing a flow of communication of sorts, who to keep informed about what, etc.

She appreciated the lobby design and designer. Salvador took responsibility for this area and it worked very well. It made the job for the event liaison easier. Vickie's offering to help with the lobby design for the next event to help with traffic flow was most welcome.

Noted that anyone who is involved with event liaison, must attend the walk through, aw well as be available for any time there is a "move-in" to communicate with the hall/hotel, and needs of people who are moving in.

INSPIRATION: This always raises the level of excellence and willingness to go the distance.

National Event Manager:
Ted Levitt noted the level of detail and care present in doing service for M. Observed caring, respect, wanting to be synchronized with one another. Feels we have taken on responsibility, all are accountable. Feeling of being taken out of a small place, and going into a deeper place. We are learning, somehow, how to be a part of M.s team.

Angel mentioned that equipment is not suitable. We need back up equipment for many things. There were lots of loose ends at conclusion of event. Areas need to stay till end and make sure everything is taken care of. Maybe there needs to be a "closure" team to finish take down of event so that A/V area doesn't end up filling that role. Also, there needs to be security presence till the end of the event.

Event Manager:
Incredible for the most part. Inspiring to witness responsiveness to M. not seen anywhere else. Genuineness of team noted, and doing things with such care. Appreciated the efforts of everyone. Some communications worked very well, for example email communication system developed by facility team. Really liked being kept in the loop of communications happening within different areas. Some confusion in transition from resource team to local team.

Lobby Manager:
More contact with all managers in the lobby area, to fill in gaps and facilitate whatever is requested. Sees that distribution of tables in different areas is important. Next time there is a program for PWK only, sees need for reception table in lobby area.

Grateful to M, for this great opportunity.

Martha Shishido comments the event was inspirational. To improve, said at the time of set up of tables, we should close off the area we are using with ropes This would be to prevent people that are not going to be involved in the event from coming in, asking questions, and disrupting the focus of set up. Also, table placement could be improved. A couple of people that had nothing to do with the event showed up and walked through the hallway and stood at the headset table, insisting on entering the event. Info explained event was not open to the public. PR or reception table might help with this in future.

Information needs to be given for mailing in a timely manner Great team, actual mailing process was very smooth.

Would like recommendation of another person to work with in communications area, need of this locally as well. Also has need of this locally as we are expanding the communications area. Really enjoyed working with. EM, appreciated her responsiveness, accessibility. Needs to practice with FC. Also, would like more communication with EM team. Area and role of communication needs development. Hopes we can do this kind of effort in the future, learning that took place was very deep.

Need to learn to prioritize, organize. Lots of details happening in translation at the same time. Great to have videos in advance; also translation booth was comfortable, very good teamwork. Proper equipment and proper usage of equipment still an issue. This is something you can put whole heart into. Training for translators is going to be provided, and also to get more people involved in

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