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Maharaji on the Ashram Service

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The proper perspective :

"GOD made two things, two cars - one automatic, one manual. One who has devoted his whole life to Guru Maharaj Ji (read the
Ashram Code, as written by Maharaji), they are in manual condition. It is in my hand to put them in gear. No desire.

Other is automatic. Gear is there. Gear has to be shifted. Those who have not yet devoted to me for all life. Powers you have that create desires. Those desires can be good or bad. You must see what to do with desires that are good, and those that are bad.

In manual, I shift to gear after gear, but automatic does what it likes. Gears have been put, now there is only an accelerator. You will have to be like this premie, to devote your whole life to me.

Agya is the only accelerator. If you want to be in manual, there has to be a clutch. When you press it, the car is free from all the gears. Not just mahatmas are in manual. Is this premie Mahatma ? No. But he is in manual. I am the clutch freeing him from the gears or putting him in action.

To be in clutch, leave all, and come here. If you are still in automatic, clutch and brake are combined. In automatic, only the Agya is the accelerator.

To be in manual or automatic is not up to you. It is your part to play. I am the gear box.

In first surrender, there are four gears. In second surrender, there are only two gears.

That depends on me what gear I want you to work. Everything depends on me. Not even a leaf moves a millimetre without my wish." (Maharaji - March 13, 1971)

"Q: Guru Maharaj Ji, I read a satsang you gave in London and you were saying you had given us two forms of transmission - automatic and manual.

Ans: Yes, I have offered two types of transmission - automatic and manual. For people who have dedicated their whole life to me, it is manual. For people who haven't dedicated their whole life to me, it is automatic. I explained it last night also, did you hear it?

Q: I wasn't here last night, sorry. All I really want to know is; if I desire, can I have manual transmission ?

Ans: You see, people who have dedicated their lives to me know I have to guide them. They are on manual. But those people who haven't dedicated their lives, have to go automatically. When I give someone Knowledge, they now have to meditate and carry on with their daily time-table. But the people who have dedicated their whole lives to me, I have to take over their gears. I have to tell them what to do.

Q: Is it possible to go from automatic to manual ?

Ans: Yes, of course.

Q: Is it possible to go from manual to automatic ?

Ans: From manual to automatic ! That's very hard.

Q: Does the car make the choice ?

Ans: The car makes only one choice, to be manual or automatic. The choice is, do you dedicate your life or not ?

Q: What kind of service can we do if we have family ?

Ans: First of all, use your spare time. When people get spare time they get into the habit of reading comics and story books. So in that time, try to give Satsang, the people who know this Knowledge, try to give Satsang. For the rest of the time, go along as you are going along. This is the Service I expect. And keep in contact with the Ashram and help the Ashram to run.

Q: Guru Maharaj Ji, when we do that kind of Service, are we on automatic or manual ? I mean just keeping contact and giving Satsang ?

Ans: You see, you are thinking which has got more value, automatic or manual. Automatic or manual have both got values. They have got equal value, remember. In automatic and manual you have to pray to one Lord, so what is the difference ? I don't see any difference. One is just dedicating his whole life, while the other is doing what he has to do."

(Published in 'The Sayings of Guru Maharaj Ji' - Part III - Divine United Organization, Shri Sant Yogashram, Hans Marg, Mehrauli, New Delhi - 110030 - Phone: 666852)

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