London Latvian Event

For the first time on the web, photographs of a knowledge review,
showing all five techniques, as revealed by an ex-mahatma/instructor/initiator/facilitator
or whatever they're called nowadays.
(Saturday 12th, February 2000)

The MC's introducing the event.

A close shot at the event's schedule.

One Latvian holy icon of the 12th century.

One Exes' group during the workshop session.
(CQ, Jean-Michel, Anth and Marianne - from left to right)

Anth presenting the result
of his group's work
during the workshop session.

Reads: "Well, God was my copilot,
but then we crashed into this mountain
and I had to eat him !"

Jean-Michel giving satsang,
before the knowledge review.

Jean-Michel showing the Light to 3 exes at the same time !

Blissed out Anth practising the 1st technique.

JB demonstrating the 2nd technique.

Jean-Michel explaining the 3rd technique to a blissed out ex!

CQ sharing his understanding of the 4th technique.

Marianne practising the 5th technique
(her favourite).