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Destroy the tapes after showing them !

Who thought the words of Rawat were meant to be immortal ? Below is the full text of an anouncement to communities' Contacts (February 2003).


Dear all,

After some discussions and consultation we propose and strongly suggest to stop showing any "Expression" parts of the videos used at the Post K Development events in the 107 main cities. We can show the satsang part of those events but should edit out the expressions part.

Some of the reasons are:

  1. Expressions are a private and intimate experience and should remain in the privacy of the event where they took place.
  2. Expressions are the experience of that particular moment and the preciousness of that moment.

From now on Elan Communications will edit out the expressions part from the videos still to come, like 'Rome' and 'Barcelona'. The next step is to ask you all to communicate with the 107 cities that are facilitating these events to inform them about this and to get their agreement to make sure that there will be no further showing of the expression parts. It would be good that we stop it from the events that will happen this weekend 1/2 March. You can use this message to communicate with the city contact, but please ask them to not forward it to other people, we think that we should keep these communications to the minimum number of people.

Of course we keep in place the commitment to destroy the tapes after showing them at the event in the city. There is a proposal under consideration of preparing videos only with answers from the speaker, but not including the expressions.

Please let us know if you or any of the cities disagree with this proposal.

Very warm regards

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