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I didn't want to be Satguru!

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'On July 19, 1966, after a lifetime devoted to bringing the Knowledge of God to his followers, Guru Maharaj Ji's father left his mortal body in perfect peace.

"I didn't want to be Satguru. I didn't understand why it is me. I would have been satisfied to be the humblest servant of the Satguru and not to be one myself. It was not my desire. But my father sent his love to his oldest three sons and complete prostrations to his youngest. So they crowned me with the crown of Rama and Krishna and put the tilak on my forehead, and again the voice came: '& You are he. You must take this Knowledge out to the world."'

This is the way Satguru Maharaj Ji describes the experience of realizing the task that was before him at the age of eight.
On the day Shri Maharaj Ji left his body, a disciple tearfully begged to speak once more with his master. The young Guru Maharaj Ji had replied, "Shri Maharaj Ji has only left his body, but his spiritual body is still here, and he will appear again after a few days." At the time, he did not fully realize that this power was within him.

"I went home (from school) and everyone was weeping. I was just sitting there not weeping and something began to happen to me. I began to feel that I am not this body, that I could not move these lips. I always thought that the soul would leave by the mouth, but my mouth was shut. Still I felt like I was leaving my body and my soul was everywhere going out. And this voice came to me saying, 'You are he, you are the one to continue.'
Then I puzzled over the voice. Thirteen days later, I was doing pranam to my Father's ashes and bones. You know, in India they burn the bodies and thirteen days later you go and collect the ashes. I bent down to touch the ashes, the voice came: 'You are he. You are the one to go and give this to the world.' "

On August 1st, Guru Maharaj Ji eight years old, stood in front of the thousands of devotees present at his father's funeral. The voice came again saying: "This is the last I will tell you. You are he. You must take this Knowledge out to the world."

" For the first time," says Guru Maharaj Ji, "I did not give satsang. The satsang just came and I began to speak: "Dear children of God, why are you weeping? Haven't you learned the lesson that your master taught you ? The Perfect Master never dies. Maharaj Ji is here, amongst you now. "

Immediately his mother, three elder brothers and the mahatmas present, prostrated at the feet of the Perfect Master and received his blessings.'

Who Is Guru Maharaj Ji - Pages 12-13


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