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Here is a copy of some documents EV is sending to premies wanting to be involved in 'service.


Desired areas of expertise: Including but not limited to Writers, Editors, Creative Directors, Producers and Executives in Public Relations, TV and Print Press, Publishing, Film, Corporate and Marketing Communications, Web Design.

Please indicate the following:

(Please note: this information will be accessed only by the members of the international PR team and will not be disseminated to others)

1. Name

2. Address

3. Coordinates (email, telephone, fax, street address)

4. Year received K.

5. Professional experience, including description of activities/projects and employer /clients

6. Relevant professional memberships and contacts

7. Service experience

8. Your main strengths (personal qualities)

9. Your main weaknesses

10. In which area/role in service you would make the most effective contribution?

11. In which area/role in service you would be least effective?

12. Availability for service: how many hours per week

13. Any samples of your work available? Describe

14. Names and coordinates of 2 persons with Knowledge who know you and can serve as a reference

15. Any other information about yourself which you find relevant.

16. Please include a photograph of yourself, preferably scanned as either a jpg or bmp or mail your photo to Terry Yingling at Elan Vital, P.O. Box 6130, Malibu CA 90264

17. If at all possible, please return this form by August 1, 1999. Forms will also be accepted after this date.

Is there someone else you recommend we contact?: ________________________

Their qualifications or job title: ________________________________________

Contact number, fax, email: ________________________________________

Dear All,

Apparently a few of you may not have seen the message below, which was posted in the city contact conference folder, so I've been asked to post it this way also. In addition, there was a recent correction to the return address for see the second message below. Sharon


Dear All,

In response to the many inquiries about training, participation forms are now available via First Class in the conference: Participation Forms. This conference will be visible on all First Class users' desktops.

Alternatively, if the person wishing to participate does not have access to First Class, they can request an application by emailing their request to

If a person has neither e-mail nor first class access, but wants an application, you can copy the forms onto a disk for them, and take responsibility for uploading the completed information back onto First Class. This is the least desirable alternative, but can be used if necessary.

Please do not put these forms (or diskettes) on your local information tables.

We hope to have an internet-based questionnaire in the next several weeks. We will keep you informed of further developments as they occur.


The North American Training Team


Dear All,

Please note that due to a typographical error, the first class address listed in the cover letter [regarding training applications] is incorrect. The correct address is:

N.Am.Participation Questionnaire.

The cover letter lists the address as Questionnaires.

The easiest way to find this address in the directory is to enter the word Questionnaire into the "To:" line. You can then select the correct address from the list of 5 that come up.

Sorry for any confusion.

The Training Team.


EV's Answer to enquirers

Dear inquirer,

Thank you for your recent interest in attending a training session.

Currently many new opportunities are opening up to help M in his efforts to make Knowledge available to people all around the world. This will require a qualitative leap in the way we work together.

In the future, people will be invited to attend training sessions that focus on how to work together in synchronization as a highly functional team.

If you are interested in participating and you have time, whether it's two hours a month or two hundred - we invite you to complete the "Participation Questionnaire" and "Strength, Attitudes, & Predisposition Survey", and to send them to us, along with a digitized photograph, in the manner described below.*

Please attach your completed forms and photo to a First Class message addressed to

N.Am.Participation Questionnaire


email them to

If you need technical help submitting the questionnaire, call (781) 320-9979.

The dates of training sessions have not yet been determined. Once dates have been decided and potential participants selected, you will be contacted.

Best regards,

The Training Team

*Electronic procedures for photograph and forms: We would like a recent color passport-size photograph. The necessary resolution is 72 dpi [dots per inch] or 220 pixels by 250 pixels. (You can bring a photo and a disk into Kinko's and they will scan it onto the disk for you.) The file should be saved as a JPG file. Forms saved as Microsoft Word or RTF files. For the forms: name the "Participation Questionnaire" with your "Last Name, First Name QST" and the "Strength, Attitudes, & Predisposition Survey" with your "Last Name, First Name STR," and save them as either Microsoft Word or RTF files.

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