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On Mind and Confusion

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Mind has to be conquered...

It’s like, mind doesn't want to leave you, because he loves you so much. He really loves you. But you have to overcome that. Because mind is supposed to be a thing which you are supposed to overrule: not mind ruling you, but you ruling mind. Because the whole reason of this world being so unsatisfied is the mind itself. And if you have conquered it, you have conquered the world. The whole, whole, whole, world ! There's nothing left more to be conquered.

You can't even imagine what the mind will do to you, but it'll try it’s level best to stop you. And this is where many people freak out. A pilot expecting a break of sound, if as soon as his plane starts like kind of shaking or anything like that, he pulls back his throttles, he will never reach there. Just keeps on going. There will be certainly a point where the plane will go like that, and then it'll smooth out, ..... and then there will be no sound at all. That sound that is troubling you so much will be left far, far behind. Before you can even listen to it, you are going to be ahead completely ahead of it. And then it's so beautiful !

(February 19, 1974 - Chicago)

So premies, this mind is going to play so many more tricks on you. That's what it's supposed to do. But if you keep on doing Meditation, Satsang, and Service, it's got no chance .... It'll play hide and seek, it'll play anything, it'll do anything.

We should all be sad-proof...

But if we keep hangin' on, just keep hangin' on, that's all you need to do. Just keep hanging on there, and everything will be fine. This is how our mind is. If we are talking to our minds all the times, if we are imagining our mind all the time, if we're trying to think of our mind all the time, if we are not going to ignore it, the mind will think : "Oh, so you care about me. So you're going to get it. If you think I am there, I’d better be there ! I'll show my face to you !" And then it'll be there all the time. But what you can do is completely ignore it, and instead really understand what Satsang is ... and really really try to do Service.

Question: You see, I was thinking when children are violent in front of you, it is very difficult not to be affected.

Answer: See, when fire burns, everything is affected. Only those materials which are fire-proof are not affected by fire. Why shouldn't we be sad-proof ? Then no sadness can come and touch us. We should all be sad-proof.

Question: It is bad to feel sad about things ?

Answer :Yes, because sadness was not created originally. The origin of anything was happiness, and sadness was created by man when Adam and Eve betrayed God. That's when sadness was created; and Adam and Eve became sad then, because they had to separate from God. So why should man be sad ?

People are sad because somebody dies, but why be sad ?

They aren't out of the world, they are in the world somewhere. Probably they are getting rest. So nobody should be sad; everybody should he happy. There is no cause for anybody to be sad within the world.

Evil is the son of man...

Q: Does evil come from our mind ?

Answer: Right ! Exactly. Do you know, the evil is the son of man that comes to mind, through mind, from mind !

Q: Then it is not real ?

Ans: Not at all. The thing which is real is so glorious, so glorious, it cannot be explained. It has got so much truth in it that wherever it drops in, man is completed intoxicated there - not with wine, not with rum, not with beer, but with that alcohol which Jesus Christ used to take and be intoxicated by it all day. And this is the alcohol that is within us ! That is the alcohol which makes us intoxicated, and whatever devil is within us, we forget him, and he goes out.

It is just anti-dote to that alcohol which we drinks here. We just forget who we are when we drink the alcohol of the world, but in this alcohol we know who we are. We forget everything outside, but we know who we are.

And this is divine intoxication which all the saints taken, and all the disciples take ! If they do not take this intoxication, they won't be existing very much longer.

Q: Why is there a creation ? Why is there suffering ?

Ans: Sufferings come because of what we do. You can't reap mangoes out of thorns, can you? Can you sow thorns and reap mangoes ? Whatever you sow, so shall you reap. If you sow good, if you do good, you shall reap good. If you do bad, you shall reap bad. Whatever bad a man did, he gains a lot of suffering out of it. And whatever good he did, be gains that much good.

See, this is one of the most important things that premies are not happy. And why they are not happy ? Because they are always thinking about something. And it's like, they say, « Well, it isn't bad to think, because I am thinking about the right type of thing." But thing is that you are thinking too much, and like the whole of your time is spent thinking.

When we start to clean a room, at first the dust is thrown all about. We see dust in the air, and it may be uncomfortable and confusing, but soon the dust settles down, everything becomes crystal clear !

Overcome the illusion of mind...

Q: How can we completely overcome the illusion of mind ?

Ans: Illusion was not created by God, so it can be very easily fixed, by Meditation, by Service and by Satsang. The three are anti-dotes. They are anti-tablets to the other three — illusion, delusion and pollution, whatever you call it. If you want illusion taken away from you very quickly, try these three things at a time - Meditation, Satsang and Service. If you can do Meditation, it is more than enough to carry your illusion from you, but it takes some time. But if you do Meditation and Service, all the delusion and pollution will be carried away ! Because these things are what make the windows very misty.

(November 27, 1973 - Denver)

EVERYONE who begins on the path of devotion looks like a devotee, but he alone is worthy of the Name, who continues even when hard times come upon him.

THE mind is a snake and treasure is behind it. The snake lives over the treasure, so if you want that treasure, you will have to kill that snake, and killing the snake is not an easy job.

THAT’S the most important time you get in your life. You know that ? Because that's where Knowledge is busy fighting the mind. That is the point. And some premies just kind of get freaked out, and they leave it. Man, if you just leave it right then and there, you're gone ! No good then. Just meditate - keep meditating.

THIS is really something I must tell you. Sometimes premies are meditating, and they are fine. They really have beautiful experiences. And then suddenly it just starts fading away. They are getting confused, they are getting more confused.

Mind is like handcuffs...

WHEN there is Agya, and we cannot determine, there is no need to be confused.... And there is the mind. It's workin' 24 hours, like hell.

THE mind keeps the secret that you are something divine away from you.

I have been doing quite a few researches with handcuffs, and apparently it seems like, handcuffs are like this mind. The harder you press it, the tighter it gets on you. And that's the whole point of handcuffs ; to limit you. And that handcuff is just like a mind. There it is, that handcuff is inside of you which has completely limited you.

To be in truth, to seek for excellence, you have to be so quick. If you want to be elevated quicker, what should we do ? In the case of the balloon, what would we do if we want to get higher ? Decrease the sand, and if you can in five minutes, the more we decrease the sand, the more we are elevated. In the same way, this mind is a very heavy weight, and the pity is this: that this mind lies right on top and always depresses a man. If it were on the toes, you'd have no worry at all. But this mind always depresses you, presses you down, and thus you cannot be elevated. So remove the mind, and you'll be right up !

When your mind is finished, to experience that feeling will be very far out ! Because we are elevated, and when we are elevated the mind is all right. Have you seen the big balloons that you sit on ? When you decrease the air, they start coming down, and then when you want to go higher, you take out some more sand, more sand, and more sand, and then you are absolutely elevated.

In the same way, our mind is the sand, our body is the balloon and the sitter is the soul. The soul wants to go and join with God. Mind is sand, this body is the balloon that is floating around.

I mean if it rains, that means it's going to be clear. Because all the rains, the clouds - there is nothing more, and just sweep away ! And everything is beautiful !

Premies are confused because Knowledge is working...

AND plus, if there is a confusion within inside of us, which is like, which sometimes premies really get confused, don't bother. Really take it easy. Because you know, Knowledge is working. Because it's just throwing all of that crap out of you - completely. Throwing the complete mind out of you. And it's going to be beautiful, it's going to be clear.

IT’S like you have laser beam. And with a laser beam you can cut through anything. But if you are focusing on the refrigerators, these bolts are not going to burn, these beams are not going to burn. You have to focus it right there, where you want to burn it - at the pin point, and then it'll just start burning. It'll start from a point, and then just burn the whole thing. And then it's burnt.

And this is exactly how the Knowledge is - it's like a laser beam. And you've got to focus it to that crazy mind, and it's going to start from a point and then just burn the whole mind out - completely whole mind out !

(November 27, 1973 - Denver)

Minds makes us appreciate Knowledge...

NOW, I would just like to caution you about something, and that is this mind....You see, everything is here for a purpose. Therefore, mind has a purpose, too. The service the mind has is to distract you from Knowledge, from the true experience. Why ? There is a definite reason for it. Why does night-time come ? Why is there a sunrise, and why is there a sunset ? Because that really makes us appreciate when that sun comes out ! Night-time really, really makes us appreciate the sun.

So premies, that is the reason for mind. What mind does is, it puts us into so much illusion, so much delusion, that it really makes us appreciate Knowledge. It puts us into so much misery, so much pain within inside of our heart, that we really, really try to experience what that Truth is..........

SINCE mind's service is to distract you, to put you into confusion, to confuse you more and more, what happens is, when you receive Knowledge; and then listen to Satsang, do Service and do Meditation, mind sees this giant army coming up to it - that's Knowledge......

WHAT the mind does when it sees that, it split the scene. But what mind is doing is, it went away, split the scene, and now it's sitting down and designing a method to get to you, to do its job, to put you back where it's supposed to put you.

It waits, and waits, and waits ...

Jai Satchitanand, Premie Ji !

WHAT mind does is, it comes around; and slowly, slowly, slowly, very gradually, it takes it's position. You see ? It comes along and says, "Jai Satchitanand, Premie Ji ! Isn't everything beautiful ?" I mean, that is something you want to hear. So when mind says, 'Knowledge is beautiful', you don't deny it. You say, "Right !" And you let it in. Boom ! It's penetrated. It's inside of you. It's there. And you didn't even know it, it came so smooth !

Because, you see, it's a Professional. It is his job, his duty, to keep a man always confused - from one thing to another thing, to another thing, to another thing.

This is why this world stands where it stands now. I mean, look at the situation of this world. Where it stands is because of its mind. The mind is crazy.

(July, 1975 - Caracas)

(The Sayings of Guru Maharaj Ji, Vol. 3 pages 7-15, Published by Divine United Organisation, Shri Sant Yogashram, Hans Marg, Mehrauli, New Delhi-110030)


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